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  • Architectural Snippets

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 250 (2016)


    Simon de Souza is well-known in the hobby as a dedicated scratch-builder and producer of many fine models including locos, rolling stock, and some truly exquisite structures. These last are particularly notable, not just for the quality of the results, but also for the accurate modelling of precise and authentic architectural detail (which, given that his father was both an architect and a very fine model-maker, should perhaps come as no surprise!). I am constantly amazed at the littler miracles that appear casually from his workbench, so I've twisted his arm to describe some specific modelling techniques as applied to particular architectural features as a series of short 'snippets'. Here are a couple to be going on with...

    Scratchbuilding an octagonal Victorian chimney pot, and fabricating window frames and other items in wire.

    Tags: scratchbuilding

  • Cavan and Leitrim no. 22L

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 274 (2019)



    The Plastikard wagon which featured in the picture of Simon de Souza's natty little brush rest feature in MRJ 266 generated a great deal of interest, so we asked him to give us an account of how he built the latest vehicle to roll off his bench, Cavan and Leitrim No. 22L (formerly Tralee and Dingle No. 5T)

    Tags: brake vans, Cavan & Leitrim Railway, kits, RTR / kit conversions, scratchbuilding, Tralee & Dingle Railway

  • Structure Modelling in Plastic - a full-on finescale approach

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 148 (2004)



    Models made largely of plastic sheets can still have the finesse and delicacy of classic Pendon-inspired methods. Simon de Souza raises the bar with this delightful 4mm model of the Goods Office in the Wantage Lower Yard.

    Tags: buildings, goods yards, GWR / Great Western Railway, scratchbuilding

  • The Laird's new brougham arrives...

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 145 (2003)



    Simon de Souza wa a prizewinner at Scaleforum in 2006 with this pair of scratchbuilt Highland Railway carriage trucks. We asked him how hw made them.

    Tags: HR / Highland Railway, scratchbuilding, wagons

  • Universal Cleminson Truck Chassis for Six-wheel Vehicles

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 120 (2000)



    Simon de Souza loks at the Brassmasters 4mm scale kit.

    Tags: chassis, coaches, kits, product reviews

  • Wantage Tramway Co. Tramcar No. 4

    Simon de Souza

    Issue 217 (2012)



    Simon de Souza builds a 4mm model of tramcar no. 4 for his Wantage Tramway project

    Tags: scratchbuilding, tramways, Wantage Tramway Co.