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  • Kitmaster - The Rise and Fall

    Steve Knight

    Issue 104 (1998)


    For modellers of a certain age, the advent of Kitmaster kits in the late 1950s will be remembered as the opening of a brief but golden era in which relatively cheap, easy-to-make and - most importantly - accurate plastic models of railway subjects could be found at the local toy shop. For those of us desperately trying to move beyond the train set on a pocket-money budget, they were sheer joy. Today, original kitmaster kits are like gold dist and keenly sought by treasure hunters and modelling historians alike. Here, Steve Knight, secretary of the Kitmaster Collectors' Club, tells the fascinating story of this extraordinary and much-loved range.

    Tags: biography, kits

  • Remembering the Roadrailer

    Tim Shackleton, Steve Knight

    Issue 147 (2003)



    The prototype may have been a nine-day wonder but the Scalecraft/Peco kit was a fine model that's now a prized collector's item. Steve Knight and Tim Shackleton tell the story behind a long-forgotten experiment.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, kits, road vehicles, wagons