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  • Building Model Locomotives that Work

    Tony Wright

    Issue 142 (2003)


    Tony Wright believes compensation, finescale wheels and elaborate detail are unnecessary on mail-line locomotives. A 'big green engine' ought, in his view, to take no mor ethan 25-30 hours to build. He explains the rationale behind this seemingly heretical approach.

    Tags: locomotives

  • Charwelton

    Tony Wright

    Issue 161 (2005)



    Tony Wright takes time out from his job as Deputy Editor of British Railway Modelling to describe the Wolverhampton club's latest main-line exhibition layout. It's Great Central, it's OO and it works very well indeed.

    Tags: GCR / Great Central Railway, layouts

  • Little Bytham

    Tony Wright

    Issue 252 (2017)



    Wishing to recreate a scene from his trainspotting days, and having built an enviable collection of East Coast Main Line trains, Tony Wright looked for a prototype station to model. With names like 'Papyrus' and 'Mallard', he looked no further than the east coast racing ground at Little Bytham. With careful research and attention to detail, he has created a wonderful and inspiring layout, and MRJ is particularly proud to present the result in Tony's sincere and thought-provoking words. So sit back, turn the pages and relive those distant days of the fifties.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Recreating Prototype Trains

    Tony Wright

    Issue 128 (2001)


    Recreating prototype trains/train formations in model form

    Tags: prototype

  • Recreating Prototype Trains - Part 2

    Tony Wright

    Issue 129 (2001)


    Tags: prototype

  • Stoke Summit

    Tony Wright

    Issue 121 (2000)



    Tony Wright reveals the thinking behind this popular exhibition layout, designed both to provide authentic mail-line running, and allow the spectator to indulge in traditional lineside trainspotting.

    Tags: layouts