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  • An LMS Tubular Post Signal in 4mm Scale

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 22 (1988)



    Trevor Hughes describes the construction of an LMS signal for Gauxholme viaduct, the Rochdale Model Railway Group's layout which featured at IMREX '88.

    Tags: LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, signals / signalling

  • Festiniog Railway semaphore and Disc Signals

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 24 (1988)


    Trevor Hughes describes the construction of further signals. This time, however, both prototypes and the modelling scales are rather more esoteric, being respectively the Festiniog and 3/16" - 1ft scale.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, signals / signalling

  • No. 1 Shop: Fairlie Straightforward - Festiniog No.7 in S-scale

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 42 (1990)



    Trevor Hughes describes a scratchbuilt articulated chassis, as favoured by the leading Welsh slate carrier. See his work on the layout 'Tan-y-Grisiau' at the MRJ Exhibition.

    Tags: chassis, Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, narrow gauge, No. 1 Shop, scratchbuilding

  • No. 1 Shop: Upgrading Small Motors for Performance

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 22 (1988)


    Faced with a need to provide a standard motor for a range of small, narrow gauge engines, Trevor Hughes was forced to draw on his own resources. Here he shows how he upgraded a cheap, 'five-shilling' motor to a specification equalling the performance of the early Sagami can motors.

    Tags: motors, No. 1 Shop

  • Scratch Building Techniques

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 272 (2019)


    A chance encounter led to a discussion on scratch building and a realisation that in the light of excellent RTR products and ongoing technological developments within the hobby, there is a concern that these skills are gradually being lost to modellers. However, we firmly believe that such techniques still have a valuable role to play in our activities.

    Trevor Hughes is an avid scratch builder - a member of Manchester MRS 2mm scale team responsible for 'Chee Tor', an exhibitor at MRJ Central Hall in 1990, and a long-term collaborator with Peter Kazer, whose excellent work has featured recently in these pages. Here, Trevor outlines some of his methods of working with sheet metal and gives some advice on gears and gearboxes.

    Tags: gearboxes, scratchbuilding, techniques

  • Tan-y-Grisau

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 78 (1995)



    Trevor Hughes's beautiful rendition of the Ffestiniog in its heyday is built in S scale and required manufacturing techniques as well as artistry.

    Includes scale drawings and floorplans of Tan-y-Grisau station buildings.

    Tags: drawings / plans, Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, layouts, narrow gauge