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  • 34002 Salisbury

    Vic Burles

    Issue 213 (2012)



    Unconventional, imaginative and progressive in design, Bulleid's imposing Pacifics will be forever associated with the Southern Railway in postwar Britain. With their all-over auri-smoothed casing and Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels, they present a challenge to the model maker, who has to empathize with their imposing stature and character. With masterly skill, Vic Burles has built this refined and detailed 'West Country'. Whether you are a lover of these engines or not, we think you cannot help but be inspired by the quality of Vic's craftsmanship and the sensitivity of his perception in producing this masterpiece.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, SR / Southern Railway, steam locomotives

  • Digital Modelling

    Vic Burles

    Issue 221 (2013)


    After featuring Vic Burles' 'West Country' in MRJ 213, he now tells us how he achieves such high levels of accuracy in his modelling by using good research, CAS drawing, and CNC machining. This has enabled him to make inside valve gear to the accuracy of a works drawings for a Martin Finney 1854 0-6-0PT kit, by repeat cutting and shaping the many fine parts.

    Tags: computer-aided design, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, techniques