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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 13
  • The Scenic Art of George Iliffe Stokes, 1900-1982

    Malcolm Mitchell


    George Iliffe Stokes possessed a remarkable modelling talent - a rich gift for realism that marked him down as one of the hobby's most important figures more than 30 years ago. In modelling, as in the rest of his amazing life, he was an adventurer, an innovator and an 'ideas man'. Malcolm Mitchell, one of our leading kit designers, was an intimate family friend of George and Doris Stokes and has produced this affectionate biography to MRJ's commission. It is the frank story of a man who has a unique place in the growth and refinement of small scale railway modelling. For the first time, Malcolm has made his enormous collection of Stokes' photographs and graphics available for publication.

    Tags: biography, buildings, scenery

  • No. 1 Shop: Matters Arising

    Iain Rice


    General discussion relating to No. 1 Shop projects and correspondence: Split-frame chassis, sprung hornblock alignment, MJT Portescap gearbox, economical turntable drive motors.

    Tags: chassis, gearboxes, motors, No. 1 Shop

  • MRJ Portfolio



    4mm buildings by Gerry Hall.

    Tags: buildings, MRJ Portfolio

  • Scratchbuilding Model Wagons

    Chris Crofts


    The second part of Chris Crofts' important article examines prototype running gear of traditional opens.

    (Part 2 of 3. Continued from issue 12) Extensive prototype details and drawings of brakes, axleboxes, springs and buffers.

    Tags: drawings / plans, private owner, prototype, wagons

  • Upgrading Etched Coach Kits

    Stephen Williams



    Pendon Museum senior coachbuilder Stephen Williams runs through the construction of etched brass coach kits and passes on many of the hints and wrinkles which transform ordinary coach models into coaching stock fit for Pendon's superb EM gauge network. The basic message is the anyone can do it, but whatever your level of experience, these are tips worth having.

    Tags: coaches, detailing, etched brass, kits

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Trilines - 3mm whitemetal BR blogies. Blacksmith Models - coaches. Peter K - 4mm 'Little Sharpie' kit. MJT - wagon W-irons. Slaters - various 7mm kits. S and D Models - 7mm Dick, Kerr narrow-gauge tractor kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum