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Edited by Martyn Welch

MRJ Issue 132
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    London Road Models GNR J5/LNER J4 loco kit and the re-introduced L&Y/LMS 0-6-0ST loco kit in 4mm, Alastair Clarke Skinnigrove roll wagon and open hearth scrap wagon in 4mm, Greenscene 'The Little People' figures in 4mm and Meadow Grass mat, Comet Models rebuilt Royal Scot kit in 4mm, ALL Components additions to the OnTrack Controls range, Cambridge Custom Transfers Festiniog Railway slate wagon transfers in 4mm, 7mm and 16mm scales, Prickly Pear Products GNSR dia D3 PBV kit in 4mm and 7mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Bucks Hill Signal Box

    Peter Squibb



    Peter Squibb was asked to build a 7mm scale GWR signal box for a customer. However, not everything went according to plan.

    Tags: buildings, GWR / Great Western Railway, scratchbuilding, signal boxes

  • Layouts for Operation - Britain's Rainbow Route

    Richard Chown


    Southport Central and Hesketh Park originally part of the West Lancashire Railway which, with its subsidiary the Liverpool, Southport and Preston Railway, were absorbed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway

    Tags: layout design, LYR / L&YR / Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, operation

  • Roye England's Modelling Notebooks - Part 8 Weathering Tiles and Slates

    Stephen Williams, Roye England


    Another of the secrets of Roye's success as a modeller of buildings was the skill that he brought to the task of weathering his models. At with so much of his work, his careful methods were the outcome of careful observation of the original buildings, matched with a great deal of experimentation into ways of replicating the colours and textures that he noted. In this extract I am reproducing some of his notes on weathering of slated and, particularly, tiled roofs. The roof is an important facet of a model building since in most viewing situations, it is clearly seen - often from above - in a manner that is seldom true of real buildings. Modellers, therefore, need to pay particular attention to the realism of their miniature roofs and careful weathering will certainly help. The notes in this article deal solely with the visual qualities of mosses and lichens, (rather than the effects of soot or airborne pollutants) but I think that modellers will find that if they replicate these techniques, the roofs of their models can be made to look really natural. I have retained Roye's simple descriptions of the different growths that he noted on the roofs of the cottages in the Vale of White Horse, rather than substituting their botanical names. These notes actually originated in a lengthy letter that Roye wrote to me in 1983 in response to a request for guidance on weathering roofs for a Pendon model I had under construction at that time, but subsequent research has located the same information in the full records from which these articles are drawn.

    Tags: buildings, weathering

  • The Road to Rail Revival

    Barry Norman



    Barry Norman takes a quick look at the container trade and tackles a 7mm resin example of an Edwardian lift van.

    Tags: kits, wagons

  • Improving the Bachmann 'Warship'

    Allan Sibley



    Detailing and refining the 4mm Bachmann 'Warship' diesel loco

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / ready-to-run

  • A Quickly Aligned V Block

    Nick Tilston


    Machining a V block for use in a lathe

    Tags: tools

  • There is another way...

    Alan Webb


    Technique for creating flared corners on loco tenders

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, techniques

  • 4mm Loco Lamps

    Keith Ettle



    Super-detailing cast loco lamps in 4mm

    Tags: components, detailing, steam locomotives

  • The MRJ Interview: Chris Challis


    As the exhibition season reaches it peak, who better to give an insight into the whole business of organising such events than Chris Challis, guiding spirit behind the annual show at Wells in Somerset. Held jointly with Scalefour Southwest, Railwells is widely regarded as one of the best (and best-run) exhibitions in the country. But as Chris remarks, other shows may not always achieve such a high standard of presentation.

    Tags: interviews

  • Decapod

    Tim Shackleton



    Construction of a South Eastern Finecast kit Decapod 0-10-0 loco kit in 4mm

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, kits, steam locomotives

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Gordon Gravett



    'The Mew', a GWR ferry used on the River Dart built in 4mm by Gordon Gravett

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, MRJ Portfolio, ships / boats / barges

  • N.E. Twins in 7mm

    Pete Jary



    Pete Jary converts a pair of 7-plank 13T open wagon kits into some rather interesting bolster wagons, and he reckons that a little patience coupled with some basic modelling skill should make it simple for anyone to achieve.

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, RTR / kit conversions, wagons

  • Real Atmosphere


    Photographs of advertisements on and beside an overbridge on the A1058 at Wallsend, Newcastle c1951.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, lineside details, Real Atmosphere