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Edited by Martyn Welch

MRJ Issue 134
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Branchlines freelance 0-4-0T loco kit in O/16.5 and Canon and Mashima motors, High Level Kits MicroMiser gearboxes, Heljan re-liveried class 47, class 66 and a Deltic in 4mm, Formil Model Engineering offering copies of Headcodes for Modellers, Dave Bradwell dias 1/142 and 1/144 13T hopper wagon etches in 4mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Big Decisions

    Michael Brooks



    When the famous layout 'Dunwich' came into the hands of Michael Brooks some years ago, he decided to convert the trackwork to S4, after which transformation it re-emerged as 'Ufford'. Here Michael tells us how this came about and why.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Roye England's Modelling Notebooks - Part 10 Scenic Work

    Stephen Williams


    Roe's reputation as a modeller rests primarily upon his mastery of architectural modelling. What is less well known is that during the early phases of the Pendon project, Roye was also responsible for much of the scenery that surrounded his buildings. This final extract from his notebooks reflects upon this largely overlooked aspect of Roye's work and draws on a very lengthy description of how he modelled the surrounds to the Chapel Group - arguably his greatest individual achievement. We start with as explanation of how the ground shape in the grass bank in front of 'High Thatch' was built up, using a method that can only be described as 'pure Roye'. The basic ground profiles had been established by using a box-work of vertical pieces of card on a flat card base; Roye's problem was how to fill the spaces between the profile pieces.

    Tags: scenery, techniques

  • [Photo: 4mm GWR Modified Hall]



    Photograph of a GWR modified Hall built in 4mm from a modified Martin Finney kit by John Hayes.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Standard Procedures Part 2

    Tim Shackleton



    Tim Shackleton refines the superb Bachmann 2-6-4 tank and converts it to P4.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, compensation / suspension, detailing, RTR / ready-to-run, steam locomotives

  • Blast Off

    Derek Malin


    Just by trawling high street retailers and DIY warehouses, Derek Malin has come up with a simple design for a grit-blasting cabinet that doesn't cost a fortune to make.

    Tags: paints / painting, tools, tools

  • Blackgill Illuminations

    Eddie Ford



    Eddie Ford wanted his working 4mm scale signals to feature working lights as well.

    Tags: signals / signalling

  • 7mm Southern Railway Utility Vehicle photograph



    Photograph of SR utility vehicle built in 7mm from a Slater's kit by Martyn Welch

    Tags: kits, SR / Southern Railway, vans, weathering

  • The MRJ Interview: David White


    David White of Slater's is often seen as the driving force behind the transformation of 7mm modelling from an old man's hobby to its current status as the preferred scale of many fine modellers. Here he explains how the rebirth of 7mm came about.

    Tags: interviews