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Edited by Martyn Welch

MRJ Issue 135
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Formil Model Engineering catalogue, Backwoods Miniatures fully operational AH&D 'steam navvy' in 4mm and 7mm, Lledo Foden S21 ballast box and Guy pantechnicon in 4mm, Original Omnibus 1:76 scale DAF Optare Delta, Branchlines Loctite 'Super-Lubes', Bachmann Intermodal containers in 4mm, Intercity Models 102T MAA/MBA 'MonsterBox' kits in 4mm, Hurst Models cutdown MCA/MDA gondola-style open wagon kits in 4mm, Cambridge Custom Transfers 6 1/2 /10T Cowans-Sheldon hand crane ad Conflat L transfers in 4mm, Brassmasters Black Five, Patriot and Royal Scott detailing components in 4mm, Agenoria Mnning Wardle 0-6-0ST 'Winston' and Fox Walker 0-6-0ST kits in 7mm, Connoisseur Models NBR J35 0-6-0 kit in 7mm, LSWR sprue cutter tool, Kirtley Model Buildings SR, SECR, BR(S), Midland, GWR, LNWR, NER, LSWR, LBSCR, GNR and GCR poster boards, Southern, Midland, GWR and LNER cast-iron notices and trackside signs, Edwardian and Victorian posters, notices and advertisements all in 7mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Postcards from Lincolnshire

    Paul Windle, Steve Flint


    4mm/NG, 4mm/EM

    'Barrowfleet' has been around for some while and Paul Windle has updated an intriguing array of small articles that appeared on 009 News over a period of time. We present this compilation here, along with some splendid views taken by Steve Flint.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, industrial, layouts, narrow gauge

  • No Hiding Place

    Tim Shackleton



    Tim Shackleton reviews a new 7mm kit for a period road vehicle no one would willingly have travelled in.

    Classic Commercials 'Black Maria'

    Tags: kits, product reviews, road vehicles

  • Counsel of Perfection

    Chris Gwilliam


    Chris Gwilliam considers what he believes makes a really good etched coach kit.

    Tags: coaches, kits, theory

  • Radial Axleboxes

    Laurie Griffin



    Scratchbuilt radial axleboxes for a 7mm L&Y 2-4-2 Radial Tank

    Tags: chassis, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Hokey Cokey

    Pete Jary



    Pete Jary shows us how he tackled the weathering of a 7mm hopper wagon - although the techniques used cold be applied in any scale to any steel-bodied vehicle.

    Tags: wagons, weathering

  • The East Lynn Saga

    Trevor Nunn



    Trevor Nunn's popular 'S' scale layout has been exhibited all around the country and has developed considerably since its appearance in MRJ No. 86. As it nears completion, Trevor considers his experiences over the intervening years and offers us his thoughts.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, layouts