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Edited by Martyn Welch

MRJ Issue 141
  • Day Return to Retford

    Tim Shackleton



    In the three years since it was last featured in MRJ, Roy Jackson's EM gauge empire has grown and grown. Tim Shackleton visits one of the most ambitious model railways ever built in this country.

    Tags: layouts

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Clarke Kits industrial iron ore wagon kits in 3.5m and 4mm, Skinley Drawings catalogue and LFC nameplates, Portsdown Models crossing assembly jig in 4mm, Parkside Dundas GWR Mica and Tevan, BR Grampus and wooden-bodied coal wagons in 7mm, Judith Edge Kits BR class 06 diesel kit in 4mm, Hurst Models transfers for the EWS/Thrall cut-down Megabox wagon kit, Cambridge Custom Transfers BR AF, AFU and AFX transfers in 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 7mm, John Brighton BR Conflat L kit with three cement containers in 4mm, Comet Models BR Mk1 dia 25 kit in 4mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Pre-war oil depot photographs


    Photographs of a pre-war oil depot at Maud Junction, similar to the one at Layerthorpe, taken some time in the late 1950s, possibly the very early 1960s

    Tags: lineside details, prototype

  • The Natural Look

    David Lane


    Giving wooden-bodied wagons an authentic patina of age and decrepitude is easier than you might think. In the first of an MRJ double bill, David Lane finishes a couple of Parkside kits in 'unpainted' condition.

    Tags: paints / painting, wagons, weathering

  • Not Fade Away

    John Sutton


    John Sutton tries a novel way of replicating the look of well-weathered lettering on ex-private owner wagons.

    Tags: private owner, wagons, weathering

  • Small Suppliers Plus


    Scale trees from

    Tags: product reviews, Small Suppliers Forum

  • Through a Windscreen...


    Two photographs of wintry, rural road scenes taken in 1955 near Leamington Spa

    Tags: lineside details, prototype

  • Lochgorm: The Breeding of a Highland Terrier

    John Holden



    Bedazzled by the charms of a 4mm RTR locomotive, John Holden soon discovered all wasn't quite right with this particular Brighton belle. So, feeling somewhat tired of his brief encounter, he went to Scotland for inspiration instead.

    Tags: detailing, HR / Highland Railway, RTR / ready-to-run, steam locomotives

  • Layout Design: Parkend

    Barry Norman


    Scalefour Society Challenge

    Tags: layout design

  • MRJ Christmas Quiz Answers


    Christmas Quiz Answers

  • Building a 'K' Part Three

    Gordon Gravett



    Gordon Gravett concludes his 7mm project.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • 57 Varieties

    Tim Shackleton



    Modern diesels are all the same? Not so, says Tim Shackleton. A seemingly simple conversion of a Heljan class 47 into a Freightliner 57 revealed all manner of intriguing prototype variations.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run