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Edited by Tim Shackleton

MRJ Issue 146
  • Rye Town

    Stephen Hannington



    Remote from likely sources of traffic, winding its way through the middle of nowhere, the Kent & East Sussex had and has an appeal all of its own. Stephen Hannington brilliantly captures the feel of a railway that, by the late 1920s, was down-at-heel, run on a shoestring and yet plainly loved by its employees.

    Tags: K&ESR / KESR / Kent & East Sussex Railway, layouts

  • The Science of Numbers

    Geoff Kent


    You wouldn't model a locomotive with an incorrect number, so why not make sure your road vehicles also carry an accurate set of plates? Geoff Kent explains how the old system of registratin marks used to work.

    Tags: road vehicles, theory

  • Trackbuilding - Q&A


    Question and answer session with Norman Solomon

    Tags: interviews, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Norman Whitnall


    Norman Whitnall 1923-2003

    Tags: obituaries

  • A Gresley One-off

    Bob Merry



    Bob Merry takes a razor saw to a Martin Finney A4 and comes up with a stunning 7mm model of the rebuilt W1.

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, steam locomotives

  • The Instand Wagon Fleet

    Mick Moore



    Modelling in EM or P4 needn't call for handbuilt stock. Mick Moore finds the RTR market provides a quick, painless way of getting his coal trains moving.

    Tags: detailing, private owner, RTR / ready-to-run, wagons

  • Pulling Power

    Bob Haskins


    Bob Haskins shows how to avoid U-shaped wheels.

    Tags: techniques, tools, wheels

  • Canada Road

    Peter Johnson



    The whole place, we imagine, has long since been bull-dozed to make way for a chic marina or heritage centre. But the dockside setting of this compact EM layout by Peter Johnson recalls the workaday sediness of the immediate post-steam period. Weed-strewn and quietly rusting into oblivion, Canada Road is a gentle masterpiece of observation, mirroring the dying embers of one era and the uneasy birth of another.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts