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Edited by Tim Shackleton

MRJ Issue 153
  • Midsummer Morning at Bramblewick

    Tom Harland



    This celebrated slice of North Yorkshire - felt by many to be the finest P4 layout ever built - has been featured several times in the MRJ. It's now undergone a further metamorphosis, as visitors to Scaleforum 2004 will see for themselves. Bramblewick's builder, Tom Harland, talks us through a typical morning's operation at this quiet country station.

    Tags: layouts, NER / North Eastern Railway

  • Scaleforum Preview


    Show preview

    Tags: societies

  • The Whited Sepulchre

    Tim Shackleton



    Tim Shackleton builds a Victorian coach kit that has clearly seen better days.

    Prickly Pear Products

    Tags: coaches, kits

  • Easy Peasy

    Steve Hall



    No measuring, no rail cutting, no soldering, it sounds like a trackbuilder's dream. Steve Hall assess the merits of Exactoscale's P4 pointwork kit.

    Tags: kits, product reviews, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • 'Western' Wizardry

    Allan Sibley



    Allan Sibley uses a Brassmasters detail kit to make a handsome 4mm scale diesel look even more handsome.

    Lima class 52 'Western'

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Parkside Dundas LMS/BR 13T corrugated-end open lits in 4mm, N Brass Locomotives narrow gauge locomotives in 2mm, Fox Transfers descriptive price lists for 2mm, 4mm and 7mm, Connoisseur Models LMS Stanier-patern 20T brake van kit in 7mm, Cambridge Custom Transfers BR-era fruit van transfers in 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 7mm, Hillingdon Railway Modellers Society Austerity 2-8-0 kit in 7mm, Hurst Models KIA/KIB telescopic hood wagon kit in 4mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Modelling Litter

    Tony Sissons


    The signs of consumer waste, vandalism and urban decay are an integral part of the post-war scene. Tony Sissons shows how to reproduce some familiar kinds of grot in model form.

    Tags: scenery, scratchbuilding

  • The Flyshunter



    A self-propelled 'shunting wagon' from High Level

    Tags: kits, product reviews, wagons

  • Vale Progress

    Jeff Askew



    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first public showings of the early Pendon models - a few buildings, four locos, two wagons and a coach, all displayed in a youth hostel. Today, housed in its purpose-built two-storey structure, the museum has developed into an internationally renowned organisation. Jeff Askew reports on recent progress.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts