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Edited by Tim Shackleton

MRJ Issue 178
  • Hoath Hill Halt

    Peter Bossom


    3mm/3mm FS

    A successful experiment in converting an RTR locomotive to finescale standards inspired Peter Bossom to build a 3mm scale, 14.2mm gauge layout to match. Everything that can be made to work in the coarser scales, he believes, will work just as well in the finer versions. Whatever the scale, he feels the perceived problems with modelling to finer tolerances are mostly in the mind.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Geoff Taylor 4mm and 7mm etched components, Parkside Dundas 4mm kits, Cambridge Custom Transfers transfers for multple scales, London Road Models 4mm kit, Hobby Holidays courses, Markits 4mm and 7mm parts, Border Miniatures 7mm figures

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Plus


    4mm, 2mm

    American Graffiti 4mm and 2mm scale graffiti transfers

    Tags: product reviews

  • Interlocking

    Bruce Boldner


    Bruce Boldner builds a magnificent 60-lever mechanical interlocking frame from Modratec components.

    Tags: signals / signalling, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • Guy Williams 1925-2007

    Paul Karau


    Guy Williams - far and away the most influential loco builder of his generation - died in Bristol on 30th August. MRJ's publisher Paul Karau leads this celebration of his achievement by some of those who knew him best, to whom his inspiration was the driving force that not only shaped their model-making, but even the direction they took in life.

    Tags: obituaries

  • Static Flock Grass

    Peter Ross


    The extraordinarily convincing representation of grass created by Peter Ross and his modelling colleagues in New Zealand has electrified all who have seen it - not least scenic maestro Barry Norman. Such a highly charged reaction is entirely appropriate, as it takes a current of around 20,000 volts to produce the effect.

    Tags: scenery, techniques

  • Using the Noch Gras-Master

    Gordon Gravett


    Gordon Gravett tries his hand at creating convincing-looking long grass.

    Tags: product reviews, scenery, techniques