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Edited by Tim Shackleton

MRJ Issue 182
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Chivers Finelines 4mm Gresley 4-wheeled full-brake/pigeon van kit. Comet Models GWR 'Manor' chassis kit - compensated. D&P Models whitemetal 4mm loco detailing parts. Clear Solutions self-adhesive card door and window frames. Cambridge Custom Transfers BR China Clay Tippler transfers. Brassmasters wagon axle spacing gauge. Missenden Abbey weekend courses for 2009.

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  • The Big Freeze

    John Dornom


    In 1962-3, the whole country froze solid for months on end. The latest 7mm scale diorama from John Dornom recalls the dreadful, bone-chilling winter of 45 years ago.

    Small static diorama depicting a snow-covered halt with ex-GWR 14xx and diagram A38 auto-coach.

    Tags: auto-coaches / auto-trailers, dioramas

  • The Trouble with Twins

    Tim Shackleton, Pete Hill


    4mm/00, 4mm/EM

    Everyone admires the snub-nosed, we-mean-business look of the LMS-designed main-line diesels. Tim Shackleton passes a critical eye over a pair of Korean-built RTR models, while Pete Hill takes one apart to convert it to EM gauge.

    FIA Trains / Ajin Precision RTR model of LMS diesel twins nos. 10000 & 10001.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, product reviews, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Iron Ore Hoppers - Part 2

    Geoff Kent



    Geoff Kent looks at the Charles Roberts design.

    Continued from issue 176. Step by step description of construction using the Dapol body and Parkside underframe with additional detailing.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, kits, wagons

  • A cable-worked incline

    Robin Whittle



    Robin Whittle extends his recent tour of his P4 C&HPR layout with this description of how he modelled Sheep Pasture incline.

    Tags: C&HPR / CHPR / Cromford & High Peak Railway, inclines, layouts, operation

  • MRJ Portfolio



    A la récherche des temps perdus... Pempoul, Gordon Gravett's 1:50 scale Réseau Breton layout, has been a long time in the works. Various small sections have appeared from time to time in these pages and at exhibitions, but Pempoul finally made its public debut at the Crawley MRS show at Horsham in April. As an apéritif, prior to a full account of the layout appearing in MRJ, Gordon serves up a selection of images to whet our appetite but wait till you see the river scene and the bar/tabac, while the scratchbuilt Citroen 'H' van, even by Gordon's exalted standards, is something of a tour de force. A bientot...

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