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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 19
  • Sandon Station

    Stephen Williams



    A North Staffordshire Railway station in 4mm scale, built and described by Stephen Williams.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, North Staffordshire Railway

  • Lost-Wax Casting

    Mike Cowley


    The very real hazards involved in trying to found non-ferrous metals at home do not mean that lost-wax casting should be rules out by modellers, sats Mike Cowley. Learn the process, find a good sub-contractor and the benefits can be substantial.

    Tags: techniques

  • The Quick and the Dud

    Iain Rice



    Iain Rice describes the tortured thinking that went into the selection of locomotives and stock for his 1950s branch of the East Suffolk Light Railway - Butley Mills.

    Tags: layouts, locomotives, vans, wagons

  • No. 1 Shop: Split Frames - the way forward

    Barry Luck



    Barry Luck, a member of the non-aligned Mid-Sussex 18.83 Group, found a way out of what he calls the Dark Ages by turning to split-chassis construction for his 4mm locomotives. Here, he passes on some techniques, dispels a few myths and, for good measure, adds a few notes on the difference that machine tools have made to his modelling.

    Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST. LBSCR A1X 0-6-0T. LBSCR E1 0-6-0. LBSCR D1 0-4-2. LBSCR E4 0-6-2T.

    Tags: chassis, LB&SCR / LBSCR / London Brighton & South Coast Railway, steam locomotives

  • No. 1 Shop: 2mm Heavy Metal



    Photograph and description of 2mm scale Baldwin 2-6-0 chassis and drive system.

    Tags: chassis, drive systems

  • GNR Parcels and Hound Vans

    Nick Campling


    Nick Campling offers variants on the GNR six-wheelers he described in MRJ No. 11. As before, a 4mm kit is available.

    Tags: drawings / plans, GNR / Great Northern Railway, pre-grouping, prototype, vans

  • MRJ Portfolio



    A selection of 7mm locomotives based on the Brighton 'Terrier' whitemetal kit from Vulcan Model Engineering: LBSCR No.650 by Colin Hayward; LSWR No.735 by Keith Hastie; GWR (ex-Weston,Cleveland and Portishead Railway) No.5 by John Coates; BR period A1x class No.32636 by Mike Bragg.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio, steam locomotives

  • Wills' Coarse Stone into Petherick Road Bridge

    Barry Norman



    Barry Norman discusses the techniques he used for turning proprietary scenic sheets into features on his famous layout 'Petherick'.

    Tags: bridges, plasticard / styrene

  • From the Modeller's Armchair: N-6.5 and all that...

    Paul Towers


    Model Railway scale/gauge description codes are a confusing mess. Paul Towers thinks it's time we tried another tack.

    Tags: From the Modeller's Armchair, scales / gauges

  • L.N.E.R. Constituent Hoseboxes

    Rupert Brown



    A photographic survey of constituent company horse-boxes from that rich source of 4mm LNER stock, D&S Models, by Rupert Brown.

    GER Diagram 16 & NER Diagrams 67 and 196.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, horseboxes, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, NER / North Eastern Railway

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Sharman - ending wheel production and moving into scratchbuilding. Side Lines - 4mm painted LMS coach sides. Kingdom Models - 4mm etched NBR N15 chassis. MJT - 4mm finescale components. Woodhead Models - modern outline transfers. S and D Models - 7mm charabanc. CCW - 7mm wagon chassis kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Papermill Industrial in 4mm

    Francis Samish



    We spotted Francis Samish's 4mm Bagnall making a brief 'guest appearance' at the 1987 IMREX exhibition and immediately had it noted as one of the nicest examples of industrial narrow gauge we had seen for some time. Francis was persuaded that some biographical details were in order - and here they are.

    Tags: industrial, narrow gauge, steam locomotives