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Edited by Tim Shackleton

MRJ Issue 192
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    High Level Kits - replacement finescale chassis for Bachmann GWR 2251 Collett Goods. C-Rail International - detailing etch for their 4mm tanktainer kit. Judith Edge Kits - 4mm scale etched kits for Hunslet 35T 0-4-0DH and 600hp Thomas Hill/Rolls Royce Steelman six-wheeled diesel hydraulic industrial locos. Lochgorm Kits - Highland Railway non-corridor Diagram 15 lavatory tricomposite coach kit in 7mm/4mm and 7mm loco kit for Highland Railway Castle Class 4-6-0, Brassmasters - photos showing examples of etched windows designed in conjunction with Scalescenes.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Eridge

    Ralph Burrows



    Ralph Burrows built this fine 4mm scale portrait of a remote Sussex station as a reminder of long-ago cycling excursions.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, LB&SCR / LBSCR / London Brighton & South Coast Railway, SR / Southern Railway

  • MRJ Portfolio



    3 views of Cliff Parsons' 4mm 'Gresley Beat' layout.

    Tags: layouts, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, MRJ Portfolio

  • Photo: Stephenson Clarke wagons


    Prototype photo of private owner coal wagons. Another photo on p.186.

    Tags: private owner, prototype, wagons

  • Bridge Over Placid Water

    Gordon Gravett



    Gordon Gravett explains how he captured the appearance of water moving slowly in a gentle breeze in a quiet corner of his astonishing Résau Breton layout.

    Tags: techniques, water / waterways

  • MRJ Portfolio



    P4 model of a Southern corridor luggage van by Tim Shackleton based on a Roger Chivers kit with many added details.

    Tags: coaches, MRJ Portfolio, SR / Southern Railway, vans

  • Speeding Up Construction

    David Lane



    David Lane looks for ways of producing quantities of fully-sprung finescale wagons in limited time.

    Batch-building wagon kits.

    Tags: kits, techniques, wagons

  • Welton Down - Watching the Trains go by

    Jim Allwood


    2mm/2mm FS

    With one eye on the traffic passing through this busy junction, Jim Allwood explains the thinking and design philosophy behind his 2mm finescale layout.

    Originally built by Bill Rankin as a steam-era layout but updated to 1995 Network South-East era by Jim.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Gerry Mann

    Trevor Pott


    7mm/7mm FS

    Trevor Pott recalls one of the pioneers of 7mm finescale.

    Tags: biography, garden railways

  • Real Atmosphere


    Photo of a general store in Tenby taken from train in August 1961.

    Tags: Real Atmosphere

  • Cyril Freezer - an Appreciation

    Bob Essery, Gerry Beale


    Tags: biography, obituaries