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Edited by Chris Pendlenton

MRJ Issue 195
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    STEAM & THINGS - 4mm and 7mm kits of Selsey Tramway Shefllex railcar available in a variety of combinations (railmotor / baggage trailer). FOXROCK MODELS - latest 4mm scale resin cast kits for 3ft gauge Cork Blackrock and Passage Railway including open wagon and brakevan, as later also used on Cavan and Leitrim Railway. MODEL RAILWAY DEVELOPMENTS - etched wagon suspension plates and GWR containers. HISTORICAL MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY - 2 limited edition 7mm gauge resin wagon bodies - dumb-buffered 4-plank c.1880 and Charles Roberts sprung-buffered 8 or 10 ton, 6-plank open 1887 RCH. BRASSMASTERS resin cast replacement fuel tanks for Bachmann class 24/25. C-RAIL INTERNATIONAL - 4mm scale 40ft hi-cube containers. 52F MODELS - EM gauge fold-up etched compensated replacement chassis for NER class 290 (LNER/BR class J77) rigid chassis supplied with Lancaster Model Engineering kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Christmas Parcels

    Chris Pendlenton



    Guest editor Chris Pendlenton takes a look at a neglected area of railway activity and, with his friend RSM, goes to North Shields in the run up to Christmas for an educative look at the parcels traffic.

    Recollections of parcels traffic in the North East during the 1960s, with photos of Chris Pendlenton's North Shields featuring parcels, snow and steam!

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, mail / parcels, prototype

  • The Impossible Dream

    Bob How



    Bob How coolly decided to build King's Cross in P4 in defiance of the then current nostrums; and he aimed to do it alone. It is a work in progress and will be for many years but already the 'Tees Tyne' has departed in good order from Platform 6 under handsignals and set off down the main.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layout design, layouts, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway

  • A Mini Masterpiece



    Photo of fully working 4mm scale lever frame built by Geoff Tiffany for his P4 layout Dewsbury GN.

    Tags: etched brass, lineside details

  • Coal and Steel at Derwenthaugh

    Dave Bradwell



    In MRJ 151 Dave Bradwell urged us to "just get on and build it". Now he moves on to "just operate it". Though cosmetically unfinished, Derwenthaugh has already captured the feel of the railway doing its job for industry. He has adapted American model railway practice to give his layout a real sense of purpose and expand the Finescale approach to its ultimate dimension.

    Detailed look at how Dave uses an adaptation of the American card in pocket method of forming and running goods trains, providing a real sense of purpose for operation, much closer to the prototype, rather than just running a sequence of 'block' trains passing through with 'random fiddling' of stock in sidings. Accompanying photos of the layout.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, GNR / Great Northern Railway, goods / freight, layouts, operation

  • The MRJ Christmas Quiz

    Don Rowland


    Instead of a straightforward sixth instalment of 'The Next Phase', Don Rowland invites reader participation in a spot of shunting... and there's a prize!

    Christmas quiz with a difference!

    Tags: goods / freight, operation

  • MRJ Portfolio



    Photo of Metropolitan A class 4-4-0T at Whitchurch Road station on Paul Banbrick's 7mm layout portraying a might-have-been wayside station along the Metropolitan main line. To be featured in MRJ in the new year.

    Tags: layouts, Metropolitan Railway, MRJ Portfolio