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Edited by Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 209
  • Semley for Shaftsbury

    Martin Finney



    Martin Finney introduces his P4 model of Semley, the station for Shaftsbury in Dorset, as it was in 1912. Although still 'work in progress', it is already an outstanding rendition of the LSWR at its zenith.

    Tags: layouts, LSWR / London & South Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    CAMBRIAN MODELS - Four new 4mm wagon kits: C98 SECR 10-ton van (1426), C101 LMS 12-ton Ventilated Van (steel ends), C102 LMS 12-ton Van (steel ends), C83 Quint D Bogie Bolster. Also, fine pre-blackened chain.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Lawrence Hill Junction Signal Box

    Robin Whittle



    Robin Whittle describes how he built this Midland Railway signal box for his Barrow Road engine shed layout.

    Tags: buildings, signal boxes

  • Wha's they two up to?

    Trevor Pott



    Trevor Pott describes how he produces 'character' engine crews for his extensive stud of GWR locomotives.

    Tags: detailing

  • LMS 17ft 6in wheelbase vehicles

    Craig Welsh



    Craig Welsh develops his etched wagon chassis concept even further and ends up producing a complete wagon kit.

    Tags: chassis, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, wagons

  • Layout Chassis

    Chris Yates


    Chris Yates suggests some points that should be considered by those of us contemplating the baseboards for that dream layout.

    Tags: baseboards