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Edited by Roy Jackson

MRJ Issue 210
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    MICHAEL CLARKE - detailing parts for Hornby 4mm scale Hawksworth coaches. NBR 4MM DEVELOPMENTS - 4mm scale etched NBR mileposts, point levers, and etched personalisation plates. 52F MODELS - 4mm scale kit for the LNER A5/2 tank loco with fold-up compensated chassis. PARKSIDE DUNDAS - 4mm wagon kit for the LNER horse-box diagram 5. RT MODELS - 4mm scale Austerity J94 0-6-0 etched chassis kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Hedingham

    Alan Turner



    "An attempt to recreate a scene from the past, of something long gone and of the life which we shall never see again." Alan Turner tells the story of his 7mm creation.

    Representation of a late 1930s, former GNR line set somewhere in Lincolnshire. Continued in issue 211.

    Tags: GNR / Great Northern Railway, layouts

  • More on DL-Limonene

    Geoff Kent


    Geoff Kent offers some further insights into the benefits of using DL-Limonene solvent.

    Tags: plasticard / styrene

  • GC Steam in 2mm

    Alan Whitehouse


    2mm/2mm FS

    This pair of ex-Great Central steam locomotives in 2mm Finescale (2FS) are from Alan Whitehouse's small collection of GC locos finished as they appeared in the mid-1950s. Both models and prototypes have very different histories.

    GCR O4 Class and D11 'Improved Director' Class.

    Tags: GCR / Great Central Railway, steam locomotives

  • [Photos] GWR Hawksworth Restaurant Car



    2 photos of a GWR H29 Restaurant Car in 4mm scale built by Rodney and Vera Cooper.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway

  • A different approach to scratch building

    Peter Stanger



    By producing his own etches from the outset, Peter Stranger explains how he scratchbuilt a Gresley/Robinson, A5/2 2-6-2T Tank Loco in 4mm scale.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Planning Burford's Townscape, Part 2: Breweries and Mills

    Martin Goodall



    Continuation from issue 208 looking at the planning and development of the buildings and townscape on Martin Goodall's GWR layout 'Burford'.

    Tags: buildings, GWR / Great Western Railway, layout design, layouts

  • Dewsbury Signal Box in 4mm

    Geoff Tiffany



    Tags: buildings, signal boxes

  • A Victorian train for the Tilbury Line

    Tony Gee



    Tony Gee describes how he built this set of LT&SR 4-wheel carriages.

    Tags: coaches, LT&SR / LTSR / London Tilbury & Southend Railway

  • Dewsbury Main Line

    Bob Essery



    Tags: layouts, MR / Midland Railway

  • [Photos] Drummond T14 Paddlebox


    2 photos of Martin Finney's Drummond T14 Paddlebox, painted by Chris Wesson, and winner of the MRJ Chalice at Scaleforum.

    Tags: SR / Southern Railway, steam locomotives