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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 220
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    RT Models releases 4mm scale kit of the Manning Wardle K class; High Level Kits releases a spur gearbox that drops the output shaft parallel to and below the motor; Shawplan releases replacement windows for the RTR Hornby (ex Airfix) GWR autocoach and the Hornby 25/0.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Sharpening Stones

    Mick Moore


    Having found needle files too rough to clean up fine frets, Mick Moore discovered sharpening stones, which he has since found to be ideal for preparing many parts of both etched brass and plastic kits.

    Tags: techniques, tools

  • A Backscene for Burford

    Martin Goodall


    In the first part of this article, Martin Goodall reveals his thoughts about planning the background to his layout, and then explains how to draw the scene in a simple and convincing way.

    Tags: backscenes, techniques

  • Bishop's Yaxford Revisited

    Jas Millham



    Jas Millham explains how trains operated at Bishop's Yaxford, the junction station on his Yaxbury Branch, and introduces us to the changes he has made since it was last featured in MRJ 129.

    Tags: layouts, operation

  • A North Wales Branch Line

    John Stockton Wood


    7mm/7mm FS

    John Stockton Wood introduces us to his model of Llanberis, a layout he will be following in greater depth later in the year.

    Tags: layouts

  • Peak Performance

    John Elliott



    We much admire the realism and operation of Bradfield Gloucester Square, so we asked John Elliott what he did to his out-of-the-box diesels to make them perform better, and to improve their appearance.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • RCH Pool Stock Mineral Wagons

    Mick Roffe



    Within recent pages of MRJ, we have shown you 4mm scale wagons with sprung wheels, finely detailed etched underframes and delicate body detail. To date this level of refinement has only been available to the P4 and EM modeller, now that has all changed, and Mick Roffe shows us how 7mm is at last catching up.

    By taking a Slater's wagon and adding some etched components, he has made some S7 wagons of distinction.

    Tags: RTR / kit conversions, wagons

  • Weathering with Acrylics

    Barry Fitzgerald


    When we asked Barry Fitzgerald for an update on his layout, he sent us a photograph of Hans Bohning, standing beside his World War I biplane - his passion for weathering has grown from his roots in military modelling.

    Keen to experiment, and with a very perceptive eye, he tells us how he weathers his models, in an original and practical text.

    Tags: techniques, weathering

  • Ironstone Wharf at Boot

    Peter Kazer


    Writes Peter Kazer: "When I planned the layout, I knew this would be the most difficult area, as I know of only one photograph of the quarry building, and that is in a state of dereliction and in the background. However, as serving the quarry was the main purpose for building the line in the first place, there was no getting away from the fact that it would have to appear, as 1880 was its heyday."

    Tags: industrial, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Home Casting

    Ken De-Groome


    Operatino of the intense Metropolitan Electric service relied on the railway's Bo-Bo, a favourite with us at MRJ and with Ken De-Groome. Here, using the roof of one of these engines as an example, he shows us how to make a casting in urethane resin, explaining what you need, and how to do it.

    Tags: casting, techniques

  • Block Instruments

    Mike Norris


    In this second part, Mike Norris continues to explain how he tackled the task of making 43 for his Preston layout.

    Tags: operation, scratchbuilding, signals / signalling, techniques

  • Non-flush Glazing

    John Holden



    Believing that etched coach sides could be improved, John Holden set about persuading a kit manufacturer to develop his product.

    Tags: RTR / kit conversions