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Edited by Paul Willis

MRJ Issue 225
  • Scaleforum 2013

    Terry Bendall



    The highlight for many finescale modellers is the Scalefour Society's annual Scaleforum exhibition. For 2013 it has moved to Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, and Terry Bendall gives an insight into the attractions and opportunities that this has made possible.

    Tags: exhibitions / events

  • Delicious Diesels

    Jonathan Hughes



    For many years, diesel modellers had few of the locomotive detailing parts available to their steam brethren. Jonathan Hughes uses some of the exquisite detailing parts marketed today to produce two special models.

    Tags: detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • Blackgill - a journey in P4

    Eddie Ford



    One of the recent revelations of superb modelling was the appearance on the internet of Eddie Ford's 'Blackgill' layout, built to P4 standards. Set in the North of England, and destined to be one of the stand-out layouts of Scaleforum 2013, we are pleased to bring it to the pages of MRJ.

    In the first of two articles, Eddie describes the background of the layout and the rolling stock that runs on it.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Portfolio 1-3 - Contrasting moods

    Jim Smith-Wright



    The construction of a p4 near-scale model of Birmingham New Street in the mid-1980s by Jim Smith-Wright has been much lauded and has already featured on the pages of MRJ. Here, a new Portfolio of three photographs shows off not only Kim's excellent photographic skills but the way in which his modelling captures the different mood by night of this station of contrasts.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • The tactile pleasures of pulling

    Paul Willis


    No. 1 Shop was a feature of early editions of MRJ, giving pithy hands-on advice on models and techniques. Here, Paul Willis opens the shed doors once more to review the Scalefour Society lever frame of use in many different scales.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, product reviews, signals / signalling, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • A quick start in finescale - the trusty Jinty

    Mike Ainsworth



    As well as being a workhorse prototype, the Bachmann Jinty is one of the easiest ways to quickly produce a running finescale locomotive in 4mm. Mike Ainsworth is the man that has converted this model literally dozens of times as a demonstrator at shows, and now for No. 1 Shop he explains how simply it is done.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, RTR / kit conversions, steam locomotives

  • What do you get from an Area Group?

    Richard Dunning


    One of the social aspects of railway modelling is meeting like-minded friends. Richard Dunning of the Cambridge, Herts and Essex Area Group talks of what it means to him.

    Tags: societies

  • A W1 for Retford Part 3

    Graeme King



    Part I showed preparation of the master parts and the simpler castings for the conversion. In part 2 Graeme King covers the more complex mould and casting for the long firebox and cab, plus the actual Hornby A4 to EM gauge W1 conversion procedure. In this part the author changes the rear frames and carrying truck and adds final details to suit 60700 in summer 1957.

    Tags: casting, RTR / kit conversions, steam locomotives, techniques

  • Small but perfectly formed

    Mark Fielder



    The 2mm Scale Association is another group that has seen significant growth on membership in recent years as many modellers discover that they can achieve realistic results in small spaces. Established 2FS modeller Mark Fielder explains what is on offer, including the Association's new book on track.

    Tags: societies

  • Using the Exactoscale wheel system

    John McAleely



    The supply of suitable wheels is a critical factor for all finescale modellers, and it was good news when the choice of available in 4mm increased with the entry of Exactoscale. John McAleely writes about their use on his modern image, old-school locomotive.

    Tags: product reviews, steam locomotives, wheels

  • 12 years running Missenden

    Chris Langdon


    One of the established events in the railway calendar is the Missenden Modelling Weekend. Now with increasing success it has grown to three separate gatherings a year, what is it really about? We asked long-time course organizer Chris Langdon to share its secrets. is a chocolate frog all that you can expect to come away with?

    Tags: exhibitions / events

  • Trying it out - the need for a test track

    Roger Cutting


    When working on models, having a convenient test track to try them under construction is highly valuable. Member of the CHEAG Area Group of the Scalefour Society and EM gauge modeller Roger Cutting talks about construction of a test track that he entered in his Area Group's Challenge competition.

    Tags: track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Connoisseur Models' 7mm kit for the Diagram 1550 Queen Mary brake van; Shire Scenes' range of 'N' gauge/2mm scale etched brass scenic accessories is now available from Dart Castings plus 2 new etched sides in 4mm for the GWR 4-wheeled coaches to diagrams V2 and W5 have been released; Rumney Models (Justin Hewitt) has released a range of 4mm scale sprung chassis kits and detailing etches to enhance David Geen's GWR and LMS milk tank kits; Cambrian Models releases 4mm kits of the Cambrian 8-ton 2-plank dropside wagon and the SECR/SR 5-plank open; Comet Models has introduced a self-build gearbox complete with Swiss coreless motor.

  • Robin Fielding

    Barry Norman


    Obituary for Robin Fielding, former Chairman of the S Scale Society.

    Tags: obituaries