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Edited by Gordon Gravett

MRJ Issue 227
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Cambridge Custom Transfers releases lettering for BR Mk I coaching stock (sheets BL130 and BL131 and BL132) and for grain hoppers (BL133 and BL143) all available in 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm,7mm and Gauge 1 scales; Rumney Models releases 4mm scale P4 sprung diesel bogies for classes 37, 50, 55 and DP2 (English Electric Three Axle), classes 40, 44, 45 and 46 (Peak), Hymek, and classes 47 and 57 (Brush Type Four); and Cambrian Models releases SR 12/13-ton 5-plank open (Dia D1375) and Cambrian Railway 4-plank wagon plastic kits in 4mm.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Tucking Mill

    Jerry Clifford


    2mm/2mm FS

    Jerry Clifford's Highbury Colliery, featured in MRJ 212 and initially intended as a pleasant from his main Bath Queensquare project, has now developed into a growing interest in the fascinating and often overlooked railway bylines and industries of North Somerset.

    Tags: freelance, layouts

  • Laminated Glass

    Giles Favell


    There is nothing quite like real glass for glazing models and microscope cover slips are ideal for this purpose except that they're fragile. So Giles Favell came up with a solution - laminated glass.

    Tags: techniques

  • More forgiving? [Photos]

    Rodney Cooper


    Photographs of a beautifully lit night scene by Rodney Cooper.

    Tags: lighting

  • It's not all about dirt!

    Martin McDermott



    Martin McDermott continues his account (from MRJ 226) of the painting and weathering of his 7mm scale class 37.

    Tags: detailing, diesel locomotives, paints / painting, weathering

  • Floating Scale Pointwork

    David Nicolson


    After many years of development, David Nicolson has devised a practical method of producing reliable floating scale pointwork.

    Tags: techniques, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • MRJ Christmas Competition

    Don Rowland


    Christmas competition.

    Tags: competitions

  • Under Cover

    Gordon Gravett



    Gordon Gravett describes a method for creating wagon tarpaulins using wet newspaper.

    Tags: goods / freight, scratchbuilding, techniques, wagons

  • Nottingham Goods

    Dave Barrett



    Major goods depots often cover vast areas and can be way too large to be considered for a modelling project. By carefully selecting a portion of the Midland Railway's yard in Nottingham, Dave Barrett was able to capture the busy atmosphere and also produce a very operable layout in a relatively small area.

    Tags: goods / freight, goods yards, layouts, MR / Midland Railway