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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 238
  • When Pigs Fly

    Tony Geary



    Amongst the kits available in 7mm scale, those by MOK have an enviable reputation for excellence, and when they refer to their own products as 'Precision kits engineered for you to turn into beautiful models', we could not disagree. At MRJ we have been waiting for an opportunity to look in depth at one of MOK's designs, so we are very pleased to present Tony Geary's masterful build of the Ivatt Class 4, the Flying Pig.

    Tags: kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, locomotives, product reviews, steam locomotives

  • The LMS Van

    Mick Moore



    Having completed a variety of 4mm scale LMS Brake Vans (which we featured in MRJ 224 and LMS Review No. 1) Mick Moore decided to look at the variety of goods vans that can be made from the Cambrian range of kits. This has resulted in thirteen different vans from half a dozen different kits. Mick takes an engineering approach. He believes that it is easier to make parts straight and square using a milling machine and says that he would find it difficult to cut and file to the save level of accuracy. However, the rest of us may prefer to use a scalpel and files to alter these kits in the way that Mick suggests. Here he looks at the first of the kits.

    Gloucester-built D1828, 12-ton Steel Van. Pickering-built D1828. Charles Roberts-built D1828.

    Tags: kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, vans

  • Tufts, Clumps and Weeds

    Giles Favell


    Giles Favell passed on some scenic techniques that add height and variation to static grass.

    Tags: scenery

  • A low relief backscene for Bucks Hill

    Paul Bambrick



    Designing a backscene when a layout is already nearing completion is not exactly an ideal situation, but that is when Paul Bambrick stepped in at Bucks Hill to do just that.

    Tags: backscenes, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts, scenery

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Cambrian Models 4mm kit for the GWR/BR 20-ton Hopper Wagon diagram P22 (BR diagram D1/582). Cambrian Models etched wagon tiebars for 9ft 0in, 9ft 6in and 10ft 0in wheelbases. Penbitsetched brass sprung diesel bogie kits for the Heljan Classes 26, 27 and 33. London Road Models etched 4mm kit for the LNWR Renown 4-4-0 'Small Precursors'.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Launching into 2FS

    Mick Simpson


    2mm/2mm FS

    The 2mm Association has striven to make 2mm modelling easier and attainable, not least with the introduction of the Easitrac system and the soon to be introduced turnout kits. However, here Mick Simpson makes imaginative use of another new innovation, a split-frame chassis conversion kit on a Graham Farish LNER J39. The chassis on the RTR model incorporates hornblocks and redesigned wheels, and these have become the key to the new conversion kit. There has never been a better time to indulge in this scenic scale.

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • Christmas competition results


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