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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 24
  • BRILL - Metroland's Rural Outpost

    Vic Nutton, Trevor Polding, Den Robinson, Garry Wells



    'Brill', the most rural outpost of Metroland, is well known to modellers, having been frequently hailed for its layout potential. Now its been done - in the heart of Yorkshire. The authors explain why they chose to build a 4mm/EM replica of a unique London/Home Counties line in Huddersfield.

    Tags: layouts, Metropolitan Railway

  • GWR Cattle Wagon Variants - Part 1

    Martin Goodall



    Martin Goodall slips through the diagram book, noting the differences and building some 4mm/P4 examples of these distinctive GWR livestock vehicles.

    Part 1. Continued in issue 25.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, wagons

  • The British Hedgerow

    Malcolm Mitchell


    Malcolm Mitchell has discovered a hitherto unpublished article by his old friend and mentor, the late George Iliffe Stokes. Although written over fifteen years ago, the content remains totally relevant to today's modeller and we are pleased to offer it as another tribute to George's mastery of scenic modelling.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, scenery

  • GWR Dean Coaches in 7mm

    Patrick Reardon



    Patrick Reardon builds and improves a Slater's kit of the Dean four-wheeler - setting the scene for some rather more radical surgery from which six- and eight-wheelers will emerge.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits

  • Festiniog Railway semaphore and Disc Signals

    Trevor Hughes


    Trevor Hughes describes the construction of further signals. This time, however, both prototypes and the modelling scales are rather more esoteric, being respectively the Festiniog and 3/16" - 1ft scale.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, signals / signalling

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    K&L Components - trackwork. P&D Marsh - road vehicle kits. Wills Finecast - moved to South Eastern Finecast. Laurie Griffin - 4mm & 7mm locos. Cove Models from Blacksmith Models & Orbit Products. J Perkins Ltd - light duty blow torch. Highway Models - road vehicle kits. Blacksmith Models - small turnings. Chris Leigh - Hawsworth auto-coach kit and transfers. 7mm Narrow Gauge Association - book on Irish Narrow Gauge. Meridian Models - 4mm narrow gauge. Faber Castell - modelling putty. Ratio - lineside kits.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum