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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 25
  • Modelling the Black Fives in 4mm

    Bob Essery, Rod Neep



    When MRJ briefed Rod Neep to provide a top quality rendition of the ubiquitous Black 5, we had no doubt that we were handing down a modelling challenge, but few of us had any idea of the prototype minefield into which we were blithely strolling. Before we could even raise a file in anger, Rod had to isolate the details of his chosen example - a tiresome business, considering the butchery and trouble shooting to be faced on the model. Here's how he did it - and to help our readers off to a rather better start, we've persuaded Bob Essery to take a broad look at the class, sorting out key differences.

    In-depth account of construction of the DJH kit accompanied by detailed prototype notes and photos.

    Tags: drawings / plans, kits, steam locomotives

  • Etched Trees

    Barry Norman


    Barry Norman reviews an interesting new scenic product for the smaller scales.

    Etched tree kits from BTA Hobbies.

    Tags: kits, product reviews, scenery

  • Silent Running

    John Redrup



    'London Road', the well known P4 exhibition layout, isn't noted just for its good looks. Running is as smooth and quiet as any you'll find - and nobody's quite sure why! Proprietor John Redrup attempts an explanation.

    Baseboards and tracklaying.

    Tags: baseboards, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • GWR Cattle Wagon Variants - Part 2

    Martin Goodall



    Martin concludes his survey of GWR livestock vehicles with a run down of finishing styles and techniques. He also looks at the pioneer 'Airfix' cattle wagon.

    Includes a detailed reference list of selected publications containing photographs of the prototype, giving page number, diagram nmber, construction date, etc.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, paints / painting, wagons

  • MRJ Portfolio


    7mm Hawksworth GWR corridor third coach by Mike Doherty. GWR (ex-Manchester & Milford Railway) Sharp Stewart 2-4-2T 'Cader Idris' by Mike Lloyd.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio

  • NER Cowans Sheldon 50ft Turntable

    John Wright



    Distinguished North Eastern modeller John Wright details the design and construction of a typical small turntable for Newcastle Model Railway Club's P4 layout.

    Includes detailed scale drawings and construction diagrams.

    Tags: drawings / plans, NER / North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, turntables

  • From the Modeller's Armchair: Well, who are these people?

    Andy Farquarson


    It's time, says Andy Farquarson, for modellers - and modelling authors in particular - to show their faces, if nothing else.

    Tags: From the Modeller's Armchair

  • Real Atmosphere


    York Layerthorpe station, Derwent Valley Railway - showing end of platform, corrugated iron engine shed, water tower and distant gasworks.

    Tags: engine sheds / motive power depots / MPDs, light railways, Real Atmosphere

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Connoisseur Models - 4mm pointwork. M&L kits - move to Nucast. Cherry Scale Models - drawings, lining pen and paints. Clays Railway Circle - 2mm LNER/BR wagon kits. Mike Bryant components - move to Precursor Models. The Engine Shed - Bilteezi card kits. Island of Northumberland - LSWR 20T brake kit. Cotswold Models - Humbrol No 133 availability. Ratio - 2mm plastic building kits. Branchlines - new etched brass kits.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum