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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 252
  • Little Bytham

    Tony Wright



    Wishing to recreate a scene from his trainspotting days, and having built an enviable collection of East Coast Main Line trains, Tony Wright looked for a prototype station to model. With names like 'Papyrus' and 'Mallard', he looked no further than the east coast racing ground at Little Bytham. With careful research and attention to detail, he has created a wonderful and inspiring layout, and MRJ is particularly proud to present the result in Tony's sincere and thought-provoking words. So sit back, turn the pages and relive those distant days of the fifties.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Severn & Wye Model Railways first release - a kit for a 7mm scale compensated coach bogie, also castings for BR Mk 1 coach grab handles, door handles & toilet fillers; New postal address for Richard Syms, producer of the Lincs Auto-Coupler; Severn Model etched accessories; Rumney Models whitemetal wagon axlebox and spring castings, vacuum cylinders, wagon underframe, detaling etches and logo chassis.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Our First Scale 7 Loco

    Barry Norman



    Converting the Dapol 7mm Terrier to Scale 7.

    Tags: RTR / kit conversions, steam locomotives

  • Tortoise Remedy

    Brian Self


    Brian Self details a solution to improve the reliability of Tortoise point motors.

    Tags: electrics / electronics

  • The R&W Paul and Burtons buildings

    Peter Johnson



    A chance visit to the docks in Ipswich inspired Peter Johnson to add these two waterfront buildings to those he was building for his Canada Street layout. In MRJ No. 245 he described the building of the Downing Maltings, and now he continues his eagerly awaited story about this dramatic, modernist building.

    Tags: buildings, industrial, plasticard / styrene

  • A 2mm Finescale Diesel Shunter

    Mick Simpson


    2mm/2mm FS

    Mick Simpson described the simple conversion of a Graham Farish LNER J39 to 2mm finescale in MRJ 238; now he takes a look at the newly released 08 diesel shunter, and builds an etched replacement chassis to enhance the R-T-R body. With the ever-supportive 2mm Scale Association making available the parts, this well designed and straightforward-to-build etched chassis kit should encourage those new to the scale to develop their skills, and Mick's clear and readable text will give them the confidence to have a go. Now read on.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, etched brass, RTR / kit conversions

  • The Art of Weathering a Steam Locomotive - Part One

    Martyn Welch


    Ever since Martyn Welch wrote his hugely influential book, The Art of Weathering, we have pestered him to write more. Now, with the benefit of a further twenty years experience gained weathering engines to commission, he writes about the techniques that he presently uses. The wait was certainly worthwhile, as this easy-to-follow account will guide and inspire us all to improve our weathering techniques.

    Tags: weathering