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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 253
  • The Class 37

    James Wells



    James Wells takes a current view of detailing RTR diesels, by showing us what can be done to improve a Class 37 using the best of components available from our new breed of specialist manufacturers like Shawplan, Penbits and Rumney Models. Modelling on P4, and motivated by the movement of freight in North Lincolnshire, he had crafted his Class 37 into an outstanding portrayal of how it would have been seen in the early 1990s, and brings a refreshing topic to the pages of MRJ. We also welcome James to the Journal.

    Tags: detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / ready-to-run

  • 82019, a BR Standard tank for Sidmouth

    Richard Harper



    Shortly after featuring Richard Harper's much-admired model of Sidmouth station in MRJ 243, he mentioned that he was starting to build another branch engine. Here he describes how, using the popular Branchlines chassis designed for the motorisation of the Airfix/Dapol 2-6-0 standard class mixed traffic engine, he has adapted it to suit 82019, which he chose to marry to a DJH body kit. His account details his approach to the building of a P4 chassis, and as such, is a useful guide to the building of a reliable working chassis.

    Tags: chassis, steam locomotives

  • View blocker and forced perspective

    Stuart Holt



    Photograph of trees on Stuart Holt's 'Kyle of Sutherland' layout along with a short discussion on using forced perspective and view blockers.

    Tags: scenery, trees

  • The Art of Weathering a Locomotive - Part Two

    Martyn Welch


    Martyn Welch continues his account from MRJ 252, this time describing the way in which he weathers a locomotive body, thus completing one of the most important and relevant articles we have published.

    Tags: weathering

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Wilder 'Weathering Oils'; London Road Models kit for LNWR 2-2-4-0T no. 777; Lanarkshire Models 4mm GNR type 'C' bufferstops; Welsh Railways Research Circle/Fox Transfers Cambrian Railways transfers; High Level Kits 4mm scale chassis kit for GWR 94XX.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Developments in layout lighting

    Peter Kirmond


    Peter Kirmond looks at recent advances in LED technology, and explains how to use LED flexible strip to illuminate our layouts.

    Tags: lighting

  • J65 Postscript

    Barry Norman



    So far Barry Norman has described the building of a compensated chassis for his Scale 7 tank engine in MRJ 245 to the point at which it could be pushed freely along. The question is, what happened next?

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • The Craft of Carriage Building

    Alan Brackenborough



    It is tempting and reassuring to build models from kits, but sometimes the urge to make something a little different and individual can be far more satisfying. So when wishing to make another set of 7mm carriages to run the service between Oxford and Worcester on his beautiful garden line that we featured in MRJ 176, the opportunity arose for Alan Brackenborough to build not only something different, but also more fitting historically. After researching likely composition of the train, he settled on three different carriage diagrams, none of which were available as kits. Here he describes how he approached this project, explaining the methods he used to scratchbuild these Dean clerestory carriages in the well-worn and patched-up condition that they would have been in during the 1930s.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, plasticard / styrene, scratchbuilding

  • Dummy Riveting Strips and Angles

    Peter Kazer


    Peter Kazer describes his methods for producing riveting strips and angles using a GW riveting tool.

    Tags: techniques, tools