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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 258
  • Arun Quay and the Art of Compromise

    Gordon Gravett



    Having inspired those attending many exhibitions with his French-themed Pempoul, Gordon Gravett now returns to his home county of Sussex with the much updated Arun Quay. Those who have followed MRJ's journey from its early days will also remember Ditchling Green, featured in MRJ 50, and we are once again thrilled to be the first to show you his latest beautifully modelled layout

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • How to Convert O Gauge RTR Locos to Scale 7

    Colin Dowling



    With the increasing number of RTR models being produced, many are now being converted to Scale 7. To find how this can be done, we asked Colin Dowling who has taken many apart, reprofiled the wheels and reassembled them again, for eager members of the Scale 7 Group

    Tags: locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    South Eastern Finecast releases GWR/WR locomotive kits in 4mm for the 517, 2021 and 16XX classes; Minerva Model Railways releases a conversion kit to modify their Victory 0-6-0 RTR model with the GW square-cornered tanks and other GW fittings; Pendon Museum in collaboration with Modelu releases figures from the Vale Scene in 4mm scale; Romney Models releases a 4mm chassis kit for the BR Grampus, a new under frame for RHC 21T Morton brake coal hoppers, screw couplings, Express Dairy tank plates (in 4mm and 7mm), 4mm scale whitemetal springs and axleboxes for various RCH, LMS and LNER prototypes, and castings and etched details for bolsters for the later type BR Bogie C Bolster wagon produced in 4mm by Bachmann

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • The Craft of Carriage Building

    Alan Brackenborough



    Continuing from the first part of his article published earlier this year in MRJ 253, Alan Brackenborough describes how he builds the underframes, and completes his 7mm scale Dean clerestory carriages

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, scratchbuilding

  • Refining Heljan's Class 47

    James Wells



    After inspiring us with his detailed and thorough conversion of a Class 37 in MRJ 253, James Wells now takes a different approach, and shows that a simple but effective conversion of the Heljan Class 47, can be equally satisfying. There is much to learn from this article and, as James says, it will help you to move towards finer aspects of diesel modelling, and as such is sure to appeal to those who are taking their first steps into improving a RTR diesel, or converting one to P4

    Tags: detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • Canada Street and the Inlaid Track

    Peter Johnson



    Peter Johnson is often asked how he makes the inlaid track on Canada Street, so here is the explanation together with his method of replicating the concrete surface so common on docksides

    Tags: layouts, scratchbuilding, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Swinton Bridge

    Andrew Gibson



    Andrew Gibson explains the construction of a replica of bridge TJC3/155 located at Swinton. Modelled in 1:150 scale for his 2mm scale layout, his approach is refreshingly current, using a CorelDraw computer drawing package to prepare the parts for his bridge making. We welcome Andrew to the pages of MRJ and look forward to hearing more about Swinton as his project develops

    Tags: bridges, computer-aided design, scratchbuilding

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Paul Clarke


    7mm/7mm FS

    Photograph of Paul Clarke's new layout Orford

    Tags: layouts, MRJ Portfolio

  • Beautiful Bow-ender

    Gerry Beale



    Photograph of a Hornby GWR All Third (Dia. C54) detailed and converted to EM guage by Gerry Beale

    Tags: coaches, detailing, RTR / kit conversions

  • Richard Chown 1941-2017


    David Chown obituary

    Tags: obituaries