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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 262
  • Orford

    Paul Clarke


    7mm/7mm FS

    With the same attention to detail that impressed us so much with Debenham, Paul Clarke returns to the pages of MRJ with a new layout. Although smaller, Orford is no less impressive, and demonstrates that there is much to be enjoyed in building a finely detailed and carefully observed scene in 7mm scale

    Tags: layouts

  • 2mm Finescale in the Age of Austerity

    Nick Mitchell


    2mm/2mm FS

    Nick Mitchell has much to say about improving the current generation Graham Farrish model

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, RTR / kit conversions, steam locomotives

  • Making the Most of Ready to Run Wagons

    Philip Hall, Trevor Pott


    4mm/EM, 4mm/P4

    Although both discerning modellers, Trevor Pott and Philip Hall have seen the benefits of refining popular RTR wagons. One looks at a Bachman model and the other by Oxford Rail, one is in EM and the other P4, and both simple-to-achieve improvements

    Tags: RTR / kit conversions, wagons

  • Modelling Road Surfaces

    Gordon Gravett


    A striking feature of Gordon Gravett's Arun Quay is ht variety ion the road surfaces that reflect wear and weathering they would have received over time. As we have come to expect from Gordon, his research, careful observation and then a willingness to experiment with different materials and textures has led to some exceptional modelling.

    Here he discusses the nature of the surfaces he was trying to achieve and then how he created them.

    Tags: scenery, techniques

  • The Flockbox 'Fusion'

    John Watson


    John Watson describes his experiments with the application of static grass using a Lockbox

    Tags: scenery, techniques

  • The Unpainted Wagon

    Martyn Welch


    Martyn Welch looks at the weathering of wood and takes as his practice the common practice in the early years of nationalisation of leaving wagons unpainted. Here he shows how it is done on three ex-Private Owner Wagons

    Tags: paints / painting, wagons, weathering

  • Digital Patternmaking and 3D Printing

    Lawrence Boul


    Believing it to be enormous fun and liberating, Lawrence Boule suggests that drawing and printing parts in 3D extends what we can achieve in fine scale modelling. Here he describes the process that is now within the budget of the home workshop, and makes the case for the way we make better models in the future

    Tags: 3D printing, computer-aided design, techniques