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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 269
  • Black Lion Crossing

    Geoff Kent



    In this account Geoff Kent recalls his thinking behind the planning of this largely goods-only backwater in North Wales, and his aspirations for his EM gauge layout that he started some years ago. Now complete, we have great pleasure in presenting Black Lion Crossing to you, and hope that you enjoy Geoff's attention to detail and fine modelling as much as we do.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • A Braithwaite Tank for Aylesbury

    Tim Peacock



    A Braithwaite Water Tank stands adjacent to the Aylesbury Town Shed which we featured in MRJ 207, and club member Tim Peacock offered to build a model of it for the Risborough Club's P4 layout. After seeing it at Railex and admiring its delicate delicate and fine supporting structure, we were looking forward to finding out more about its construction.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, water towers / cranes / pillars / columns

  • Book Review: Point Rodding - Prototype and planning notes for modellers

    Laurie Adams


    Published by The 2mm Scale Association

    Reviewed by Barry Norman

    Tags: prototype, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Trevail's Coal Yard at Lower Rose Goods

    Steve Howe



    Photographs and modelling notes by Steve Howe

    Tags: coal yards, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Beneath the Wires

    Alan Whitehouse


    2mm/2mm FS

    Electric railways are rarely modelled. The Woodhouse Route has fascinated Alan Whitehouse, and we featured his Mini-MSW in MRJ 138. Recently he has rebuilt, and taken a closer look at modelling the overhead line equipment. In this account he describes the detail improvements he made to reflect the finest of the system. He has achieved this in 2mm timescale, and sets an example to those modelling in larger scales.

    Tags: electrification, lineside details, OLE (Overhead Line Equipment)

  • Hard Yards

    Richard Ellis



    When Richard Ellis wrote about 'A Midland Lighter' in MRJ 266, we could see tantalising glimpses of the adjacent yard. This introduced us to his 'Midland in Bristol' diorama, and here he describes how he creates the undulating surfaces and textures of the yard surface, a topic rarely visited in detail, but one that most will face when building a layout

    Tags: goods yards, lineside details, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    CSP Models adds new items to their range of nickel-silver lost-wax castings; Lanarkshire Models releases a 4mm wagon buffer for the re-released Slater's hopper wagon kit, Midland 'heavy' GCR standard and LBSCR bufferstops, chassis kits for BR1 and BR2 tenders, and etched coupling rods for LNER B1, LNER V2 and LNER A1/A3

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Ambleden Station

    Philip Harvey



    It was in MRJ 63 that Philip Harvey introduced us to Amberdale. Ambleden is the end of a 4mm scale line that winds itself through Amberdale; it runs through a continuous landscape passing two intermediate stations before arriving at the mill town of Wenley from where it runs 'off stage' to storage, representing the rest of the railway system. Very much in the tradition of the late John Ahern's Madder Valley, it may appear at odds with the timescale ethos of today but his observation and imagination has created a warm and comforting scene that captures the magic of a model railway, a goal we all share.

    Tags: layouts

  • A Defining Moment



    The story behind the development of the new EM gauge track and turnouts from the EM Gauge Society in partnership with Peco

    Tags: track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • Transport Cafe

    Paul Karau



    Photographs and brief details of Paul Karau's transport cafe in 4mm scale, created from a modified Bachmann Scenecraft village hall building. Features a Scammell tanker built from Road Transport Images components

    Tags: buildings, RTR / kit conversions

  • From the Neil Corner Collection

    Tony Reynalds


    Photographs and brief details of a fine LNER N7 tank built by Ken Leeming

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives