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Edited by Barry Norman

MRJ Issue 277
  • Killybegs, County Donegal Railway

    Chris Romain



    After regularly visiting County Donegal, Chris Romain developed a curiousity about the old station at Killybegs and this inspired him to build this fine portrayal of a rarely modelled line. Entirely scratchbuilt in 10mm scale by Chris, often from his own artwork, it is a delight to see and present to you in MRJ.

    Tags: County Donegal Railway, layouts, scratchbuilding

  • SR Yard Lamp in 4mm

    Brian Self



    In the absence of truly finescale lamps from commercial sources, Brian Self set about producing something special for St. Merryn engine shed and turntable area.

    Tags: lineside details, scratchbuilding, SR / Southern Railway

  • A Simple Conversion

    Geoff Haynes



    With its full and detailed instructions, the Brassmasters Easichas is designed to make the task of converting a RTR model to, in this case EM gauge, very simple. It offers a number of options, from a basic version that re-uses parts of the RTR Bachmann C Class, to a more sophisticated fully etched chassis.

    Neither, as Geoff Haynes has found out, is particularly difficult to build with this well-designed product.

    Tags: chassis, RTR / kit conversions

  • Stoneswood Mill

    Andy Glover



    The winner of two awards at the 2mm Association's Annual Model Making competition, this West Yorkshire cotton mill is the first venture into 2mm scale scratchbuilding for Andy Glover, and is the centrepiece of a developing diorama...

    Tags: buildings, industrial, scratchbuilding

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Ian MacDonald releases a new kit for the four 6-wheeled LMS sausage vans built in Wolverhampton in 1933 to Dia. 1955 and a useful etch containing parts to build six working screw couplings; Bigcheeseplant Designs produces three different kits to change the Bachmann diagram A38 autotrailer to the sole diagram A39 trailer, the sole diagram A40 trailer and the ten unnamed A43 trailers.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Trevail's Kerosene Installation at Lower Rose Goods

    Steve Howe



    Photographs and brief description of a kerosene installation for Lower Rose Goods by Steve Howe.

    Tags: goods yards, industrial, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • LSWR Non-Corridor Coaches Part 2

    Graham Thompson



    Continued from MRJ 275

    Tags: coaches, etched brass, kits, LSWR / London & South Western Railway, techniques

  • Weathering Tank Wagons

    Martyn Welch


    Weathering tank wagons requires slightly different techniques to replicate the effects they display, purely because of their unique shape.

    Tags: techniques, wagons, weathering

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Peter Ross



    Photograph of New Zealand Railway J class sheep wagon built from a kit in S scale by Peter Ross

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio, New Zealand, wagons

  • Bespoke Printing

    Lawrence Boul


    Rarely do we see such a delicate and finely detailed model as this. By using Digital modelling Lawrence Boul describes how he has the freedom to alter his artwork to create a host of variations and make a bespoke model that can then be 3D printed.

    He described the process in MRJ 262, but makes full use of its possibilities here to produce a kit of parts that can be printed to any scale (in this instance S scale) and with a host of different features.

    Tags: 3D printing, road vehicles, techniques

  • 3317 Somerset

    John Hayes



    Photographs and brief notes on the 7mm model built by the late John Hayes.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, photography, steam locomotives