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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 29
  • Colsterdale, NER

    Steve Barnfield



    Steve Barnfield, best known as a model painter of very high calibre, is also a layout builder and exhibitor (which perhaps makes him a masochist on two counts!). Here he describes an 'extension' which became a layout in its own right.

    Tags: layouts, NER / North Eastern Railway

  • Bishop's Yaxford

    Jas Millham



    Jas Millham is one of the hobby's characters and a leading exponent of the all-imperial scale known as S (3/16" to 1ft). Falling nicely between 4mm and 7mm scales, it is widely regarded as the 'ideal' size, yet is also perceived as a scratchbuilder's scale, having minimal trade support. However Jas contends that it is no more difficult than finescale 4mm.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, layouts

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.2

    John Wright


    A further drawing from the sketchbook of John Wright. Stagg's Tagarine Shop.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans

  • Hal O' the Wynd - Part 2

    Chris Pendlenton



    Chris Pendlenton concludes his 4mm Peppercorn A1 with DynaDrive by putting the chassis together and constructing and detailing the body.

    Continued from issue 28.

    Tags: drive systems, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, steam locomotives

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Taylor Plastic Models - coach inlays. Stephen Barnfield - 4mm & 7mm etched kits for LNER D17/1 & D17/2. Taurgem Models - change of address. Comet Coaches - LMS/BR locomotive cylinders. Tiny Signs - poster in 7mm scale. Martin Finney - 4mm/7mm kit for GWR 3000 gallon tender. Bob Pearman (Guild Lineside) - 7mm scale whitemetal and etched components. Nonneminstre Models - 4mm Rye & Camber Railway narrow gauge kits including Bagnall 2-4-0T 'Victoria' and coaches, and other light railway models. Brassmasters / Mike Bryant - 2mm etched LNWR locomotive kits. Corgi 'Classic' range of die-cast cars suitable for 7mm scale.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • The Dunwich Pub

    Geoff Kent



    Geoff Kent is the buildings supremo on the celebrated 4mm exhibition layout Dunwich, featured for the first time anywhere in MRJ No.15. To illustrate the methods which have produced everything from tiny privies to monster maltings, we asked him to describe one of the layout's most characteristic structures, the Malt Shovel pub.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • Enhancing Tree Kits

    Peter Moyle


    Peter Moyle explains how he realised some of the potential of the etched tree kits reviewed in MRJ No. 25. The result is this beautiful silver birch.

    Etched tree kits from BTA Hobbies.

    Tags: etched brass, kits, scenery