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Edited by Bob Barlow

MRJ Issue 49
  • Pulborough LB&SCR

    Terry Bendall



    On show at Scaleforum, the Mid-Sussex 18.83 Group's layout is a rare portrayal of 'the Brighton' and an even rarer example of a prototype modelled without compression or compromise - which probably explains why it took seven years to build and is over 40ft long! Terry Bendall, on behalf of the Group, explains.

    Tags: layouts, LB&SCR / LBSCR / London Brighton & South Coast Railway

  • Dewsbury Goods Shed

    Graham Rayner, Chris Perry



    A simple enquiry about locomotive livery ended up with Chris Perry producing a goods shed for Bob Essery's ScaleSeven layout 'Dewsbury'. All very well, but Chris lives in new Zealand! Undaunted, he built it as a one-off kit and shipped it over in pieces; that's when Graham Rayner took over. Now it is finished and living somewhere in the West Midlands, but we start our story in the Antipodes with Chris's account.

    Tags: goods sheds, scratchbuilding

  • Layout Ideas: Swansea St. Thomas

    Mike Christensen


    Compact terminus

    Tags: layout design

  • Late LMS Coaches - Part 2. Underframe Detail (and Extras)

    Mike Clark


    Now we come to the tricky bits, Mike Clark concludes his finescale batch-build.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, coaches, drawings / plans, kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway

  • Buntingham

    Ray Hammond


    Ray Hammond's 4mm layout completed 100 days of public exhibition during the 1990 Scaleforum - not bad for an experimental model built as a stopgap more than 17 years ago! What it proved, and continues to prove to this day, is that 'pure' Scalefour standards, requiring the scaling down of the prototype without compromise, are a feasible and long-lasting basis on which to build a model railway.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, techniques

  • MRJ Portfolio


    Chee Tor in 2mm, Manchester Model Railway Society.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    London Road Models, Metropolitan's Chesham shuttle set. Branchlines, 'Multibox' two stage gear box. Tupperware, 'mini hobby keeper'. Nonneminster Models, Sentinal/Rolls Royce four wheel diesel hydraulic white metal kit. Steve Barnfield, 4mm kits, NER Class H 0-4-0T (LNER Y7), H2 0-6-0T (LNER J79),NER coach kits. Industrial Railway Society, revised handbook Ex-BR Diesels In Industry, compiled by Adrian Booth. Impetus, 4mm 08 etched chassis kit, 7mm loco kits, B1, Crab and V2. Sharman Wheels. GW Models, 4mm components. D&S Models 4mm ex-LNER push-pull set.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum