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Edited by Bob Barlow

MRJ Issue 59
  • Bernard Miller - The Man Behind the Maestro

    Jack Ray



    Most of the glory for W.S. Norris's legendary 7mm layout (see MRJ No.43) went to Norris himself, the man who conceived and financed it. Out of the limelight, however, a genius was at work, employed by Norris to build model locomotives to the highest standards. That man was Bernard Miller, an engineer who, says Jack Ray, matched Stan Beeson in every area except public recognition.

    Tags: biography

  • The Moody Charmer

    John Miller


    John Miller recalls a childhood spent with a perfectionist father.

    Bernard Miller remembered.

    Tags: biography

  • Upgrading 'Two Bob' Cement Wagons

    Francis Samish


    The Dapol/Airfix 4mm construction kits of the distinctive 'Presflo' and 'Prestwin' cement wagons are classically suitable cases for the it-bashing treatment - cheap and cheerful, yet basically accurate examples of vehicles that would be hell to scratchbuild. Francis Samish took both on.

    Tags: kits, wagons

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Set Scenes scenic materials. D&S 'Methfix' type transfers for GNR/ECJ stock in 4mm & 7mm. Mosel Signal Engineering rub-down transfers for signal arms in 4mm and 7mm, also an etched kit for a SECR 'Dancehall' brakevan in 7mm. Mendip Models plastic sheet cutter. Caley Coaches 4mm NPCS kits: CCT, Fish Van & Meat Van. Turned 2mm diesel airhorns. Pivot Steel & piano wire supplies. Shesto's Archimedean Hand Drillers. Sherwood Models become sole distributors of proscale locomotive kits. Some of Steve Barnfield's NER kits withdrawn from range. LNER 4mm loco number plates, Crewe Special Tank, 2-2-2-2 Compound and Special DX kits - London Road Models. P4 Mulitgauge. Graskop and London Road Models RSU's. Hurst models change of address. 4mm Jackshaft Fowler 0-4-0 from Impetus. Marine books by Waine Research Publications. GW Models quartering jig. Lister 'L' stationary engine - Duncan Models. Alex Jackson coupling jig - Martin Brent.

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  • Aylesbury Station

    Geoff Williams



    In pre-Group and early Grouping days, the local railway station had genuine community importance. Virtually all arrivals and departures had economic significance and the people who worked there were held in high esteem - which was often reflected in the proud way they presented 'their' station to the world. Geoff Williams's 4mm model of Aylesbury station captures this atmosphere of activity, pride and community awareness in a remarkable way.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Chapel Wharf - 2mm in a Suitcase

    David Mallot


    Unlike certain gimmicky 'goldfish bowl' and 'coffee table' layouts of the past, David Mallot's model railway is the real thing - 2mm finescale, full of operational interest and complete with fiddle yard and enviable stock roster. Yet it packs down small enough to be carried as airline hand baggage. Indeed, it even lives in its own suitcase.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Modelling British Outline in H0

    Malcolm Carlsson


    Back in the 1920s, when the 'experts' were making such a hash of commercial scales and gauges, Malcolm Carlsson saw 'Half 0' - 3.5mm scale on 16.5mm track - as the simplest, purest and most sensible combination for small scale model railways. Sixty years on, he's still building British outline models in H0 - out of step with most of the rest of us, but in line with the rest of the world! However, whilst most foreign modellers can get their equipment straight off the shelves, building British prototypes in H0 calls for ingenuity, skill and a touch of the old pioneer spirit - in short, the individualistic approach that provides the all-important challenge to British finescallers of every description.

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