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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 6
  • Banana Split - Part 2

    Monty Wells



    GWR jigsaw puzzles are collectors' pieces these days, but they were never quite like this. Monty Wells, having examined the prototype in the last MRJ, invites you to take three 4mm models of the AEC Railcar, chop them up and re-assemble them into a two-car DMU. Take as long as you like, starting... now.

    Tags: DMU / Diesel Multiple Units, GWR / Great Western Railway, railcars, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Real Atmosphere


    1944 photograph of 'Falcon Road Bridge', adjacent to Clapham Junction station in London, showing a collection of period advertisements.

    Tags: prototype, Real Atmosphere

  • Wantage Tramway No.7

    Don Townsley


    Don Townsley, in the first of a new series, dicusses a popular yet seldom modelled diminutive prototype.

    Prototype information, drawings and photos of the Wantage Tramway Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST No.7.

    Tags: drawings / plans, locomotives, pre-grouping, prototype, steam locomotives, tramways

  • No. 1 Shop: Matters Arising

    Iain Rice


    Discussion of various issues relating to the No. 1 Shop projects.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop

  • No. 1 Shop: Effective Pick-ups

    Iain Rice


    A look at the problem of good electrical continuity between wheels and track, with descriptions and explanations of the various pickup options, including wiper pick-ups, plunger pick-ups and vertical acting pick-ups.

    Tags: chassis, electrics / electronics, locomotives, No. 1 Shop, pickups / pick-ups, wheels

  • No. 1 Shop: Rubber and Leaf Suspension

    Chris Pendlenton


    An unrepentant non-conformist, Chris Pendleton strikes a softly-cushioned counter blow in the suspension debate with an account of his home-grown - and highly successful - system.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, No. 1 Shop

  • MRJ Portfolio


    4mm scale GWR 2021 0-6-0PT by Guy Williams. Station building on Gransmoor Town, Manchester Model Railway Society's 2mm scale layout.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio

  • Re-discovered Etchings


    An MRJ compilation of correspondence prompted by Don Rowland's musings.

    A brief look back at the Sayer-Chaplin etched brass kits of the 1940s and 50s.

    Tags: etched brass, kits

  • G.E.R. Stations - The '1865' Style

    Dave Holland



    Even though it did not cover the entire company territory, the GER's innovative station building system was so successful that it came to be regarded as that railway's 'typical' face. This is good news for modelling devotees of the eastern counties, as Dave Holland demonstrates.

    Extensive prototype information about the GER's 'standard' '1865' station building style with drawings and photographs. Also, Dave Holland builds a model of Rayne station in 2mm scale.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, GER / Great Eastern Railway, prototype

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Impetus - 4mm Bagnall kits. Howard Scenics - English Bond embossed brickwork. Roxey Mouldings - detailing parts (inc. screw link couplings). Sheldrake Models - etched 7mm locomotive kits. Trade Grapevine.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum