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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 7
  • The Midland in the Edwardian Era: Towards More Authentic Modelling

    Bob Essery


    For some years Bob Essery has been working towards what he hopes will be a completely authentic 7mm Midland layout. Here, usintg the Midland as a specific, he discusses the problems and pleasures involved in seeking period accuracy.

    Tags: MR / Midland Railway, pre-grouping, prototype

  • A Loaded Carriage Truck in 7mm

    Bob Essery, Mike Peascod, Nelson Twells



    Having already expounded on the attraction of Edwardian railways - not to mention the problems of portraying them accurately - Bob Essey joins fellow LMS Society members Nelson Twells and Mike Peascod and gets down to work. Bob built the truck, Nelson the pantechnicon and Mike did the drawing.

    Construction of a MR 20 ton Open Carriage Truck (Lot 551) conveying a furniture removal pantechnicon (horse-drawn furniture removal van).

    Tags: drawings / plans, MR / Midland Railway, plasticard / styrene, prototype, scratchbuilding, wagons

  • MRJ Portfolio


    The mill at Pendon. Watlington station building in 4mm by Paul Karau. Jas Millham's Yaxbury Branch in 'S' scale. LNWR 'Jumbo' by Jack Nelson.

    Tags: buildings, MRJ Portfolio

  • No. 1 Shop: Moving on to Etched Brass - The Gibson 'J15'

    Iain Rice



    The inmates of the shop have been getting to grips with another project loco, adopting a slightly different approach on this occasion: rather than two or three of us combining to build one model, we have each gone our own way, and built three models of the same type of loco, starting with the same kit. The machine in question is the evergreen LNER/BR 'J15' 0-6-0 ex-Great Eastern 'Y14'. The man who got the job of building the loco straight from the kit, warts and all, was Allan Sibley, something of an authority on Eastern Region locomotives. His account of the construction of Cambridge area loco 65460 in BR condition takes up most of this No. 1 Shop and, while he is presenting a personal view, the rest of the regulars endorse his findings and comments. We feel that this particular kit, when it appeared, did take the etched loco kit a step or two along the evolutionary road. In spite of one or two drawbacks, it is a good kit - one of the best.

    Alan Gibson etched brass kit - built straight from the box.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, etched brass, GER / Great Eastern Railway, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, No. 1 Shop, product reviews, prototype, steam locomotives

  • No. 1 Shop Review: A Well Designed Chassis Kit

    Gerry Beale



    Gerry Beale found the appearance on the market of a well designed chassis kit for his favourite GWR locomotive type irresistible. Having built the Churchward Models product, he reports on his findings.

    Etched chassis kit for GWR 45xx 2-6-2T.

    Tags: chassis, etched brass, kits, No. 1 Shop, product reviews, steam locomotives

  • Landscaping Over the Cracks

    Denis Moore


    As anyone who is even remotely involved with an exhibition layout will know, baseboard joins are a problem on several counts - not least visually. The authentic British landscape rarely offers the possibility of yawning crevasses beneath our model tracks and so, says Denis Moore, the task demands a carefully planned cosmetic approach. He had to tackle 21 joints on the De Havilland (Hatfield) MRS layout and passes on his experiences here.

    Tags: baseboards, scenery

  • 7mm Scale Johnson 0-4-4T

    Bob Essery



    Bob Essery gives his views on building one of the latest Slater's kits.

    Tags: etched brass, kits, MR / Midland Railway, pre-grouping, product reviews, steam locomotives

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Trade Grapevine. D&S Models - 4mm etched windows and structural accessories. David Baxter - Pennine stone roofing. Bill Bedford - coach coupling bars. Roy Link - Bagnall Kit K-3 7mm/16.5 gauge etched kit. Cambrian BR departmental wagon decals. Rod Neep - 'Basic' range of etched locomotive and rolling stock kits. RCP Models - 7mm scale kits and bits.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • NER Birdcage Brake

    Allan Sibley



    Help notes for a new Slater's kit.

    Tags: brake vans, NER / North Eastern Railway, pre-grouping, product reviews

  • From the Modeller's Armchair: Light Relief

    Andrew Emery


    Andrew Emery, secretary of the Colonel Stephens Railway Society, gives his simple guide to happiness and the meaning of life.

    Extolling the virtues of light railways for the modeller who is short of space and time.

    Tags: From the Modeller's Armchair, light railways