1. Chas Levin

    Hello from Barnet

    Hello everyone, I joined a little while ago, after a fellow modeller kindly pointed me towards a thread on here about coach painting and lining that he thought I might find helpful for my current project and I found I needed to be a member in order to view the photos properly, which turned out...
  2. Marsh Lane

    An 'S' Scale Adventure

    Just a small opening salvo for a thread. I have swapped and changed between a few different scales in recent years, trying to fall on something that I felt was achievable for me, while at the same time trying to come up with an idea of a layout that was (again) achievable, but also small and...
  3. D

    2mm A tale of two signalboxes

    One from the Furness and one from the L&Y. The Furness version is for my embryonic layout based on Coniston and has been on and off my workbench in various stages of construction for several years now. The real life box opened in 1897 with the base coming from a defunct box at Carnforth, and...
  4. S

    2mm Steve's sporadic 2mm stuff

    As a recently joined member, I though I would post a few pictures of my 2mm FS bits and pieces. These were intended for a SE&CR project and were made a while ago. The project stalled because I couldn't work out how to do the complex Wainwright locomotive livery in this scale - the fine red and...
  5. Buckjumper

    7mm Buckjumper's Workbench - Latest: GCR D8 open wagons

    D'you know what, after all this time on here I've not started a workbench thread. So here we go. I've always got more than one job on the go at any time; work tends to grind to a halt when I realise various bits in a kit are completely useless, and sometimes, like at present, parts I sent for...