southern region

  1. B

    Hello from the Blackmore Vale

    Hello, We are a tiny group of retirees who currently support the original builder of a layout. Following his serious illness and resulting incapacity, the layout was all but abandoned and it stayed that way until 2018 when we took over following a mention on the Men In Sheds website. From the...
  2. georgeT

    georgeT's (7mm Workbench)

    Hi Guys thought l would open a workbench thread to show my scratch building efforts at the moment l am scratching an LSWR T9 with eight wheeled water cart 30338 in BR lined black..
  3. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - Multiple Maunsells

    While I still have various other builds on, around and under the bench that ought to be taking my attention, sometimes I need to refresh my brain with something different. This time it's four Slater's Maunsell coaches, built in the 1930s, and running towards the end of the 1950s, or into the...
  4. FJ1701

    West Wittering - 00 modern image Southern Region terminus

    Hello there, after designing and building many layout which have been subsequently dismantled, I thought I would give it another try and here I am with a fresh start. After returning to the hobby only about a month ago, I started drawing up plans on what would become a southern region terminus...
  5. mickoo

    7mm Finney Battle of Britain

    A simple out of the box build whilst waiting for etch work for the W1. This should help with the 1:32 build in so much as any areas that need tweaking will be found on the 7mm quite quickly and save time and photo tools for the larger version. Prototype engine is a late BR wide cab with 4500...
  6. AJC

    Prototype Modern mass transit? Ryde 2016

    Louise and I have just returned (in driving drizzle) from a few days on the Isle of Wight which, despite having been resident in Southampton for near enough a decade, is a place I hadn't been before. Despite our better judgement, having spent a very pleasant few hours on the Isle of Wight steam...
  7. Devonbelle

    7mm Lapford Gate

    Good morning, I thought I'd share my bodging efforts on my new o gauge micro layout set in North Devon in the 1970s/80s. It's not finished but has made its first public appearance and with bookings coming in,it's spurring me on to keep developing the layout to completion. As I say, Its not...
  8. AJC

    4mm Brighton Works - An EM Terrier

    I've decided to spin the Terrier posts out of my general workbench thread - just to provide a bit more focus - the most recent post is here: 4mm - An EM workbench - Open Highs | Page 26 | Western Thunder Anyhow, a quick summary of the current state of play: Gradually, the loco is coming to...
  9. Peter Cross

    Peter's Workbench a Urie S15

    I have made a start with this Ace kit S15. There is an option to get the Urie built ones with stepped footplate, This is the one that I want build. It is not for me but I would like a Urie S15 so it will be good practice. First I had a look at what was in the kit to enable the stepped version...
  10. Pencarrow

    7mm Pencarrow - Cornish BR(S)
    Threadmarks: In the beginning...

    What is Pencarrow? It's a 7mm BLT layout I'm slowly building which has for its inspiration the ex LSWR lines in the Bodmin, Wenford and Wadebridge area. It's set in the late 50s /early 60s. I started the project in 2013 as a complete 7mm novice and have recorded progress to date here: Pencarrow...
  11. AJC

    Prototype "Down the cinder path..." or the last of 72C

    I've never really been one to frequent loco sheds - they don't hold that much appeal to me - but some of the ephemera that survives around former railway sites are always of some interest and here is exactly the kind of entrance route described in the loco' shed guides for spotters of the 1950s...
  12. Compton castle

    Southern coaches & EMU's from JLTRT

    Do you know your Bullieds from your Maunsells ? Your 4 COR's from your 2 BIL's ?? Just Like the Real Thing are looking for knowledgable people to help them out to hopefully produce a series of kits for the Southern Enthusiast coaches & EMU's
  13. AJC

    Prototype A rare Ruston (sort of)

    One for @Simon, and anyone else with a soft spot for tiny standard gauge Rustons. DS1169 was a peripatetic beast, a 48DS which spent its career in service with the Bristol Aircraft Co. and latterly, with the Southern and Western regions of BR. Given that it spent its career away from the public...
  14. Simon

    PMV races

    Several people I know have sets of 1/32 scale etches for the ubiquitous Southern PMV, one of the most widely travelled Pre Nationalisation vehicles on B.R. - I personally saw one on my train to Kyle back in 1974 and photographs of them in service are very frequent right up until the 1980s...
  15. AJC

    Wagon oddballs: an unusual Southern van

    It's amazing what you can find in a picture that you hadn't spotted first, second or third time of asking. Here's an example: Nice shot of a standard 5 on a mixed goods with, superficially, an interesting...
  16. dltaylor

    4mm Dave's SR Loco Workbench - Adams A12 Jubilee

    One of my main areas of interest is the Southern in the West Country, and in recent years I've built quite a few SR locos in 4mm scale. My current project is a Maunsell U-Class, based around the old DJH kit, but with the addition of the more recent chassis kit from S.E.Finecast, and a Hornby...
  17. Dan Randall

    Dan's Workbench - Slater's PMV

    4th July 2010 Right then, who remembers this?.... I started this ages ago (in my pre-S7 days), but was having a few problems with the rather large amount of lead I'd put inside! When it was built in O/F with no suspension and clunky flanges, track holding probably wasn't an issue. With the...