A first kit-build: 3500 Gallon Churchward Tender - 4mm Scale.

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    Hi Ade, and thank you for your continued interest and likes; ‘tis verily appreciated.

    Unfortunately, the dilapidated station build took up all of my remaining window, so on the back burner the metal box remained.

    Hopefully, when blissful play time cheerfully returns once more, I’d like to think it will rise Phoenix like from the plazzy bag in which I left it. Frankly, as has already been kindly suggested, I think it’s a little beyond a further return to the melting pot to try again, but you never know what a fresh outlook in a brand new year might muster.

    In any case I’m easily distracted. Despite having since returned to territory whose door I once swore never to darken again, which curiously I found rather refreshing, there’s still a side of me that just once to glue down some good ol’ fashioned Streamline, whilst aimlessly flicking switches to my hearts content, as the most whimsical of toy trains trudge anachronistically to and fro. I’ve no shame.

    Still, it was a valuable learning curve whose fruits have already served me well, and as hinted at in earlier posts, in the wider context of brass/NS/white metal kit building, my resolve remains, well, as resolved as ever ;)


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