A G3 micro layout.

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    Thanks, Geoff.

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    Some photos of progress on the new layout, set in the 1840s/50s . This one shows the full scenic part of the layout, with substitute buildings in place.


    The turntable at the end of the wharf siding, leading across the running line to a goods yard offstage. The covered wagon hides the loco traverser. 20200827_184418.jpg

    Ballasting has just begun, using Green Scene's N and 00 gauge ballast. 20200827_184523.jpg

    The 1.2m Sector plate in the wings. The mockup on the left is a goods sheed based on the early station at Harwich. One the right will be a pub. There are so many examples of Thamesside East London pubs to choose from. 20200827_184534.jpg

    You can make out the loco traverser tray at the left hand far end.
    20200827_185204.jpg 20200827_185124.jpg
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