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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Joe's Garage, 4 May 2021.

  1. Joe's Garage

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    In O gauge I have used code 100 rail to represent light rail section, has anyone used this for gauge 1? I know this sound rediculous but it would only be a shunting plank and inlaid so the profile will not show. Just dipping my toes before spending too much money. Any suggestions?
  2. lankytank

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    You'll need to check for 'flange/chair' interference aka 'bounce'.
  3. Allen M

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    Hi Joe
    I have just tried some O cause (Big -Big train and Brandbright) wheels on code 100 rail which my layout is laid with. The answer is yes with a proviso. There must be no chairs or spikes on the inside face of the rail then you should be OK. The rail will have to be soldered to the sleeper be they PCB or card/ply with staples or even staples directly into the base as it will be ought of sight.
    Allen Morgan
  4. Bill Campbell

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    Hi Joe

    If cost is a factor consider very second hand (but not with any rust!) rail from old Tri-Ang Super 4 track. If spiked to sleepers this will accept Big-Big train wheels.

  5. David Halfpenny

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    The inevitable follow-up question: "What G1 wheel standard(s) would you like to use?"

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  6. Joe's Garage

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    I have a Bachmann Brassworks 1/32 scale 03 diesel and I think these are "finescale" wheels. I would like to build a very simple shunting plank such as Jordan has done in 0 gauge on another page. I am trying to tempt myself into this scale. Guess I need to get the loco out of its box and try. I did think about old Tri-Ang track but without any shows the longer straights will not be easily available. I did have some coarse scale 0 gauge rail lying around in the 90s but sold them....such is life!

    Also is there a cheap way into getting wagons up and running without spending nearly £100 on a kit.

    Thanks for the pointers
  7. lankytank

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    Yes, I've got four 16T minerals looking for a good home - £240 for the four + P&P - works out at £60.00 a pop, (if bought as a four, individually they're £65.00 ea). They're the ex-G1MRCo product, now supplied by Accucraft(?).
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    I have PMed you
  9. David Halfpenny

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    Julian, Let's assume you're going to stay with the Bachmann, which is a great start to a shunting layout :)
    If the wheels are 40mm Back to Back, it's still G1MRA Standard as built, and will run on almost all G1 tracks.
    If the wheels are 42mm Back to Back, it's been converted to one of the various "finescales", and you'll need to build (or commission) your turnouts to one of the "finescale" standards.​

    Next thing is the Flange depth, which (as governs your Rail height - Chair height (or spike height).
    If you have no room for a chair or spike, you'll need to solder the track down, re-turn the flanges, or try again with taller rail.
    Here's a great No Nonsense guide to the main G1 wheel/rail standards (of which there are at least a dozen - already):
    Standards choices

    Here's a thread on this forum about superdetailing the already detailed Bachmann Class o3:
    Bachmann 03 Diesel

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  10. Joe's Garage

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    Thank you to all who have replied...as I have said before this is a very supportive forum. I will look at the pages quoted by David above.