Bachmann 03 Diesel

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    the photo appears in British Railway Goods Wagons in Colour by Robert Hendry published by Midland Publishing. The caption includes this:
    "03 081, previously numbered D2081, was photographed at Kings Lynn in 1977 when running with (B) 708135 to Diagram 1/069."
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    My 03 driver now has a Daily Mirror, a packet of Woodbines and a box of Swan Vestas for those quiet moments waiting in the headshunt!

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    More or less finished now apart from builders plates which I am still waiting for and some overfill stains to be added down from the diesel fillers.

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    I know I am about 3 years late on the comments but can you tell me what is "not perfect..." about this little (!!) shunter in the opening paragraph please?