7mm , Blackney, A Glimpse of the Forest

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Alan, 2 February 2019.

  1. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Shunting finished the guard has just turned the side light round before the mineral train departs for Bullo.

  2. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Whoops No wonder Frank Drake's truck hasn't moved for some time.

    Amazing what you miss when you leave something on the layout. The wheel has now been dealt with.

  3. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    I could resist doing a Ben Ashworth on this photo.

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  4. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    It feels along time since I last posted. I've done very little except enjoy the sun. All I have done is make the the running in board, which in a couple of months will be taken down when the passenger service ceases.

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  5. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Looks lovely, Alan.

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  6. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    A dismal afternoon at Blakeney, Looks as if it is going to rain heavily soon.

  7. Alex W

    Alex W Western Thunderer

    Looks great Alan - I need to do some catching up with my trees!
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  8. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    It seems an absolute age since I posted anything, which could be due to other summer interests and also lethargy caused by the extremely hot weather. However I don't think I've posted this photo before. I apologise if I have.

  9. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Lovely image, Alan.

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  10. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Apart from rail staff there has been no other people on Blakeney, well now there is one. You've often heard of me talking about Frank Drake, here he is having a sandwich before getting down to work. the figure was part of the prize for winning the GOG photo of the month in June. The prize was 2 Modelu figures chosen by oneself. Just finished painting it yesterday evening.

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  11. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Well done, Alan!

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  12. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Another new arrival at Blakeney, "Major" Hawkins awaits his train to Gloucester.



    And another with things more in focus of Frank having his elevens'

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  13. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    That's superb - the figures now really look the part and add so much to the scene. :thumbs:
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  14. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    The wire & post fencing in that monochrome picture posted 12th June is pretty damn good. Right down the piece that snapped and coiled back. I have never considered dioramas before, but their smallness gives one the opportunity to concentrate on the finest of detail :thumbs:
  15. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Many thanks, Larry for your kind remarks.
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  16. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Really good that you can close crop your work. Here's the wire Larry spotted...

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  17. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Mojo slowly coming back.

    A couple more details added.



    They might need a bit more work.
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  18. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Looking good Alan.

    Two figures are enough for the layout (without any railway staff to be seen) as it suggests they are waiting in a bucolic backwater for something to happen. I would suggest giving the figures a mid to light brown wash to deepen the shadows in the creases and skin tones.

    I'm waiting for the Ezee line to be draped from the telegraph posts! And being at the 'end of the line' only one pair of insulators need be wired to provide a telephone connection into the station building.


    Just to show the effect of the brown wash on the skin tones the photo on the left was taken during the painting of these two 1/48 figures. The guy on the right has had a brown wash applied. The guy on the left with the outstretched arm was only part painted at this stage and as can be seen I apply a dark wash before thinly painting/washing the main colours. The finished figure is on the right after painting and a light brown wash on the skin tones (plus a bit of lippy it appears!).

    MM11a.jpg GMC 011.jpg
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  19. michael mott

    michael mott Western Thunderer

    Hello Alan, I have just finished a good few hours reading through from the beginning, what and enjoyable read. lots of nice details to think about. super photographs which give a great sense that the layout is much larger than it is.

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  20. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    Many thanks for the advice Dave, I'll give it a whirl.
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