Book Corner Notes

Steve Cook

Flying Squad
Read a book that set your modelling world on fire? Found something about your favourite prototype you think everybody else should read? Captivated by the autobiography of a Engine driver? This is the place to post about books, new ones, old ones, reviews or opinions, its all welcome in here.

To start with there are three prefixes to choose from: Full Size, Model and A Good Read - just pick the prefix that you think most accurately relates to the main objective of the book in question. We would like to ask that the book Title and Author are put in the subject line to help people find things again and avoid a raft of threads called 'Good Book!' :)

Existing book threads will be gradually moved in here and have their prefix changed, when time permits the title will be changed to reflect the subject (if required).


Western Thunderer
Excellent idea Steve; it's prompted me to dig out an old favourite and a recent one and waffle on about them both.