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    And so on to the bigger areas of setts. First I used a piece of acrylic tube ( from the scrap box ! ) to roll out the DAS. Two bits of rocket wood made sure it came out even thickness .


    This was then trimmed to fit between the rails and the edging strips. The setts were then impressed as before, just a bit more boring because there were so many. Though in truth once I got going it was not too bad .


    What was a little worrying after 24 hours, was the amount that some of the previous areas were shrinking ! No cracking though .


    After a further 24 hours the larger areas were also shrinking, by similar amounts. I am not too worried about this as I deliberately left off sticking the DAS to the baseboard, so in shrinking it has slid over the surface underneath. Some minor cracks have appeared in the narrower strips of DAS where I stuck it between the rails, and following the prescribed method. I think this way I should be able to lift the sheets of setts, trim them a little and then glue them down when they are fully dried out .


    If the gap at the top does not get too much bigger I should be able to just adjust the edges of the panel and add another row of setts . You can just see a small crack between the rails centre right of this picture . I still have one more large area to go, but I am leaving that until after the G3 AGM and all the other bits are properly dried off . I was hoping to get more done and start the painting, but I need the clay to be dry first and I am not going to rush it . And a quick state of play with the whole thing :thumbs: .

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    Are we going to see this live tomorrow?
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    Yes indeed !!
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    Just read through this thread and I'm now excited to see where you are now? How has the drying of the DAS going?