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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by BrushType4, 9 September 2011.

  1. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Hi Guys,

    Update - All my rolling stock is either S7 or in the progress of being modified.

    I got myself a GJH 7mm Polybulker kit at Telford last weekend.

    Have had a look and can't find anyone having already posted articles on building this kit so while I'm not any authority on building resin kits, or any kits at all for that matter I'll post a few pics over the weekend as my build progresses.

    Please feel free to jump in with any tips, hints or advice!

    Pics to follow...
  2. ant31117

    ant31117 Western Thunderer

    I was tempted to get one at Telford too, but I'd already overspent! The sample on the stand was very eyecatching, especially with those nice transfers. Look forward to seeing your progress :thumbs: 

    Meanwhile, here's a bit of (non-WR!) Grainflow action... 

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  3. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Can't help you with any advice, I'm afraid, but as a fan of American Covered Hoppers I am rather drawn to this British version, and I also had a good look at this model at Telford... so I shall watch your build with interest! :bowdown:

    You might like this which shows some of them 'in action'... doesn't help my resolve to not buy a Heljan 37, though.... :shit:
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  4. ant31117

    ant31117 Western Thunderer

    Thats uncanny!  :))

  5. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Hi Brush Type 4, . I too saw those polybulks, Steve (40126) liked the look of them too. I look forward to seeing the pics and the build on it :thumbs:

    Rob :wave:
  6. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Thank you for your encouragement and posting of the youtube link. Makes me want to put sound and smoke into my Heljan 37. I'll leave that for another day (when funds allow).  :)

    Made a start this morning. The resin parts on first inspection, seem nicely cast, without many air bubbles to fill. The sides are very thick as expected with resin and represent 5 inch thick steel sides. Depending on how well this goes together, next kit I'll look to see if something can be done about this.


    Starting with cleaning up the Resin parts and making the odd repair.


    It didn't take long to drill, widen holes and glue the first bits on ready to attach the sides.


    Now first possible problem noticed. The resin base, though lays flat, is twisted to one side.


    I'm hoping that by attaching the sides, the base will be pulled back square. We will see this afternoon....

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  7. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    If you put the resin part in warm water for 10 minutes you can tweak it straight, then just to be sure clamp it (straight !) and leave overnight.
    There are other more brutal methods but this works for a slight twist
  8. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    That frame isn't so much 'twisted' as warped along it's length - i.e. if you look along it, it's curved in the horizontal plane. (I know - big words from the Back of the Class!!)

    Doesn't look like a good start to me, I must say. :shit: Good luck!! :bowdown:
  9. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Not much progress on the Polybulker mainly due to work commitments and in part the resin pieces being a little challenging, but a couple of Telford purchases arrived this morning.  :thumbs:



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  10. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    Nice!!!!!!1 best colour as well. I do hope that one of those is a dummy as the power draw will be a little on the large side,
  11. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    both powered and weighing 3 kilos each  :eek:
  12. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Nice :thumbs:. . Great to see another BLUE diesel modeller :bowdown: :thumbs:

    Rob :wave:
  13. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I suspect that might be something of an understatement...  :scratch: :(
  14. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    Right then! Where's these blue locos I've heard about?

    Ahhhhh, very nice indeed  :bowdown:
  15. garethevans1986

    garethevans1986 Western Thunderer

    The front on those 20's doesn't look right....there should be more room to walk around the nose.

  16. Must admit I wondered about the angle on them, too.
  17. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Still not much progress on the polybulker, so in the meantime and inspired by 40126's Express Parcels, I thought I'd give myself a treat with an easy Parkside build.

    I thought I'd try something different and tried an open door version. What do you think?

  18. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Looks good to me Phil!!!:thumbs:
  19. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer


    A little more work on the Polybulker yesterday. Its a nice big wagon. you don't need many of these on a shunting layout. :eek:

    Difficult build with this resin kit, as quite a lot of sanding, filling, repairs have been required and nothing is square. :headbang:

    I'm cracking on, in the hope to get to this finished today. :)
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  20. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Well done for persevering with it! :bowdown: These bulk hoppers do certainly have some presence about them.:thumbs:

    Can't see myself buying this kit now, though....