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Is any of this going to be available in 4mm? Specifically P4?

Hi Mike,

Plain track in P4 (or any other scale) is already available via Templot. If you don't have your own 3D printer or laser cutter you can send the files straight off Templot to a commercial firm for printing. This is EM:



Lots more info on the Templot Club forum: Plug Track



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@martin_wynne have you made any options for the laser cutting of the sleepers as there was a bit of processing required to laser cut templot plans?

@Mike Garwood as Martin says he has a version but if I do anything it will be with my own designs. I prefer the circle plug in over the squared off as Martin’s as it’s quicker to cut.


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Is any of this going to be available in 4mm? Specifically P4?

I really like the look of this.

I think for this to work in P4 there would have to be a bit of slop in the sleeper holes especially if you had gauge widening on tight curves. I noticed that the chairs were all keyed the same way which would be unrepresentative on the real thing.


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have you made any options for the laser cutting of the sleepers as there was a bit of processing required to laser cut templot plans?
Hi Phil,

Which Templot plans are you referring to? The Plug Track has been in an experimental state for a year or two now, you need to refer to Templot Club to see the latest details. There is an adjustable laser-kerf line around the timber outlines and chair sockets -- see item 2. below:

With the experimental chairing switched on, this is the additional detail which you see on the trackpad when zoomed-in:


1. timber outline.

2. black lines -- cutter kerf line for laser cutters. Outside the timbers, inside the sockets.

3. extent of the timber flanges.

4. chair base outline.

5. chair base corner radius.

6. socket outline. The default size is derived from the centres of the base corner radii.
For REA S1 chairs, that's 6" wide x 12.5" long.
For REA L1 chairs, that's 7.5" wide x 7" long. L1 chairs are not used on 10" wide sleepers.

7. chair plug outline at the top. There is a small clearance from the socket on the sides, and a smaller clearance at the ends.

8. outline of the chair plug at the bottom inset section.

9. plug corner relief angles. Small for FDM and laser-cut sockets. Larger for CNC milled sockets.

10. outline of the top of the support pyramid below the plug.

11. outline of the bottom of the support pyramid.

12. chair screw/bolt centres.

All the above can be adjusted via the buttons on the DXF export dialog (except 4, 5, 12). They are shown on the trackpad so that you can see the effect of any changes (after rebuilding the templates). The chair dimensions 4, 5, 12, are set in the custom chairs dialog (not yet done).


Steve Cornford is using a 2-layer system with a laser-cut sub-base and locator plugs for the timbers (there is an option for those in Templot), see his post:

Experimental Plug Track: 3D-printed, CNC-milled, laser-cut




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Intentio Towers had the pleasure of @Mudhen today who was collecting a stack of laser cut track panels. 94BA49DB-6C76-43A6-8F9B-758577915592.jpeg

A full layouts worth was produced so looking forward to see how Tim gets on with these.

The last orders collated and ready for post Christmas delivery, Lasers are off for a clean down and sort out. Mince pies are beckoning. Will be back next year. C6722633-141F-47E7-8775-43BDA434568E.jpeg


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I'm really looking forward to producing a small layout using track panels laser cut by Phil. The idea behind it is too determine ways in which layout building can be speeded up, so shortly the experiment begins. Any errors you see are down to me and not Phil. I recently spent some time learning Templot ( thank you Martin Wynne) and the track plan I devised was sent to Phil for cutting.
I'll start a thread on this in the New Year.
Happy Christmas to you all


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Not posted for few weeks and I was just asked about signal boxes. On the bench at the moment is a GWR signal box in 4mm.

For comparison in size, the Cambrian signal box is certainly small!


Talking of small, a couple of highland signal boxes left the bench before Christmas to be finished off before going to my customer. Peco do a similar signal box but it was rather different to the desired prototype, so I made versions that reflected the location and one of these is a platform box. Hence the shortened starts,


I even did the lever frames on the laser.

And for something completely different, one of my house signs that I make.



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We are pleased to announce that from 31st March, KS Laser Designs will be taken over by Intentio.

Intentio has been trading since 2014 and has in that time developed a reputation for a high quality range of lasercut kits and in particular bespoke commissions.

The new owners are looking forward to bringing their wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry to developing and expanding the current KS Laser Designs range while maintaining quality and competitiveness.

The website and products will continue and we look forward to developing the range along side Intentio.


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I’ve got some of the rather nice DCC Concepts levers and I’ve been thinking for a while that I need the make a mount for them. Well I was pushed into when a customer asked me to make one.

So here we have version 1. I had some blue acrylic that matched the level colour exactly so thought I’d try out to see how it looks.

Any thoughts? Look ok? Is there anything I could do to make this better or more useful?2331477A-BF1C-41F9-B594-1172DD89F3F9.jpeg787702C3-2AA4-4A8A-A962-EE2A71A37468.jpegCAA35795-D5FD-4DC7-B424-2CFC5691135B.jpeg


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The base of the box could perhaps be wider to double up as a mounting plate to enable it to be screwed down?
To do as you suggest wouldn’t work with the current clip together design but it’s not a bad idea. I also had some feed back to make it easier to wire up and utilise both types of Cobalt connection looms. So we have I think the final version.


Holes for fitting on to your layout.

Can accommodate both solderless and standard connections with enough space to accommodate the wiring with reasonable access if required.

As it’s clip together, it can be disassembled to replace a lever etc.
Hi Phil

Would you be so kind as to share the colour of the Perspex please, I already have a working frame but it might be nice to add some embellishments and the match seems perfect.