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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Buckjumper, 5 July 2012.

  1. Ressaldar

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    Hi Adrian,

    it looks like a nice kit, spoilt in my opinion by the inclusion of whitemetal coupling hooks. There seems to be space on the main etch sheet for laminations to form the hooks, so why not use the space?


  2. Wagonman

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    Spoilt too by the use of whitemetal axleguards – etched brass W-irons could easily have been incorporated into the etch giving option of sprung as well as compensated suspension.

  3. Buckjumper

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    It's a good point Mike, and as David is open to making amendments (these are Version 2 since he re-released them) I think I'll make that suggestion to him.

    TBH though I'm a bit ambivalent towards etched hooks; the plus side is that if the designer's half-decent then the exact profile can be had from company GA drawings. The down side is that I've seen many etched hooks which look nothing like the pattern used by the relevant company, with little chance of fettling them to anything like the proper shape.

    In many instances I'd rather save the time and buy in a set of Laurie Griffin or Slater's 3-link couplings, though if there's a lot of wagons to do the cost can soon spiral up into silly numbers.
  4. Buckjumper

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    Agreed Richard, but I believe the axleguards are sourced from a third party and appear to be from the same supplier as my earlier S&T kits (I have three of these to build for myself) so I suspect they've been continued with to keep the overheads down; £38 is probably as much as the vast majority of the target market will pay for an open wagon.

    I'll be taking a different tack to incorporate springing on mine, but then I've become used to spending extra to shore-up my predilections :)
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  5. 7mmMick

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    Hi Adrian,

    These look very nice indeed. Out of interest what is the build time to date of the wagon shown and what is you predicted total build time please? I only ask as i'm hoping to produce something similar (resin body and my own etched underframe) to reduce costs and bulk produce.

    Many thanks Mick
  6. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Hmm, difficult question Mick as there are three of these on the go at the same time and things are a bit start-stop-start around here at the moment with the house rebuilding still in full flow, so I'm building them in odd moments when I can disappear to the workshop without being missed.

    Getting my head around David's ideas took a little while, and his instructions are very comprehensive but as I came to repeat the second and third time I reckon I halved and then halved the time taken again. I had three wagons to this stage after what amounted to I guess three hours at it, and a lot of that was on the first wagon as I read, and re-read, did a dry run, re-read and then went for it. After that I ignored them and just built the thing. A second trio would definitely be faster.

    Today was a washout and I had less than an hour on them, and the next couple of days are going to be iffy, but I'm hoping that an afternoon's worth of work should have all three ready to paint.

    In full uninterrupted flow, and a long day at the bench, I suppose half a dozen could be made ready to paint - glue drying time aside.
  7. Tony West

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    When David first took an interest in remarketing 'our' wagons the intention was to provide an etched floor plan with etched , compensated W irons and using cast or printed springs and boxes. There was a hiccup with the boxes and plan B was hastily implemented using internal bearings and the ex George Dawson castings....I believe that David is keen to go back to plan A !. I've attached a photo of a D8 that I built showing the use of D&S and C&W etches and chopped up castings !. n_a.jpg
  8. I've got one of these on the stocks myself, to say nothing of the two original Simon Spare versions that I haven't quite completed after X years. I tend to agree about the brass W irons, but overall it is a very nice kit and the extensive selection of etched numberplates is really welcome.

    For anyone seeking variety, these wagons can also be finished as a CL version, and indeed the prototype is sufficiently ancient for them to be lettered 'MS&L' if so desired, which would be a nice change.

    As to the coupling hooks, I'll probably replace them too.
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  9. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Absolutely, and although these three will all be in the GC livery, when I finally(!) get round to do mine, two will be lettered M&SL and one with the small "CHESHIRE LINES" lettering.
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  10. Rob Pulham

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    Although I haven't any former S&T kits from Quainton (yet) I have three Metropolitan drop side wagons (quite old kits) and one of the GC fish vans in the pile.

    They do look nice kits and to add to Adrian's discussion about David updating them, I had an email from David saying that he had noted an error in the fish van and if I let him know whether I had started it or not he would send me the appropriate extra bit to fix the error. Great service:thumbs:
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  11. Tony West

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    n_aCAJFWQ7W.jpg Rob,
    last Dec at the Reading trade show, whilst helping (!!) David on his stand I took some photos for the GCRS journal, one of which I've attached here. They do indeed look very good ...if only in primer !!. Also attached is a photo of a D8 in CLC livery.....with apologies to Adrian for hi jacking this thread !!!!..... 004v.jpg View attachment 37986 View attachment 37986
  12. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Hijack away Tony:thumbs:

    Is the Williams Patent sheet support rail on the CL open a scratch job or bought in?
  13. Tony West

    Tony West Western Thunderer

    Be careful what you wish for !!!!.
    The tarp bar is the ABS set for LSWR wagons, seems the LSWR , MS&L and later the GCR amongst many others no doubt purchased from the same supplier !, as the components match the drawings and photos for these wagons.
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  14. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Thanks Tony, and certainly the GW used the Williams support rail too.

    FWIW, there's a drawing of the apparatus in the Derby C&W Collection at the NRM.
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  15. Rob Pulham

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    Thanks Tony, they look excellent - I got the basic kits for the princely sum of £11.80 each and sent a further £30 an additional castings from David making them just over £20 each. If they come out looking anything like the one in your photo they will be a bargain indeed.:thumbs: