Culm Valley Light Railway Coach

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Steve Cook, 30 November 2014.

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    Exactoscale do steel 'D' links to replace the brass ones you get with Smiths.
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    Result! :) Thinking about the Tal y Llyn Railway gave me the idea, but I don't have any reference material on the Culm Valley to hand so wasn't sure. I can't recall whether dad ever travelled on it before the passenger service went, he might actually know.

    Not sure about steel screw links - are the Exactoscale ones still available? Bit posh for the purpose though. Failing that Masokits do some good etched ones which don't fall apart and there's nothing to stop you replacing the bottom link with a bit of soft iron wire.

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  3. Steve Cook

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    Thank you both, I shall investigate the options you have listed.
    Handles back on :)

    CVLR Coach 26 Comode Handles Back On.jpg

    This one now represents E87245E with the guards compartment facing Tiverton.
    Have added transfers to shopping list...
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  5. Steve Cook

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    Thanks for the links Paul, order letter duly written :)