David Andrews 7mm Stanier 2 6 4 tank.

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    I've added a base plate to the blackhead so it can be screwed to the footplate. After fitting is was drill 1.4mm and tapped 10BA. 20190318_213828.jpg

    Here's the drilled hole in the footplate. I've added a strengthening piece to the underside, as being half etched it was a bit too flexible.

    And with the backhead screwed in.

    And on to the beading on the main tanks, cab and bunker. I have replaced the flat etched beading with half round brass. I note in prototype photos that the in house built locks had an additional grab rail lowed down so I will be adding this later. 20190318_213411.jpg

    I note in this photo that I have missed a vertical row of three rivets on the forward part of the tank sided. :headbang:
    No way to get at them now so I will have to mark, drill and add from the outside.

    The boiler decorations are only placed for the photos and require further fettling before fitting.



    I also spotted that the vertical beading at the back edge of the cab had moved or was put on wrong.

    So, a quick fluxing and heating with the iron allowed me to push it into place with a piece of wood. The roof is knle held in place with blue tack for now. Note the beading on the front edge of ygd cab opening. This is not provided for in the kit, but prototypd photos clearly show it.

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    Gosh I have to say I've missed your oh so great builds. I have popped over from the other channel from time to time, but I'm hear now, so can follow and learn as before.

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    Many thanks Larry and Pete.

    Progress has slowed in the last week due to other commitments, but a few more steps forward have now been made. First I have added the rivets I overlooked to punch in the flat. I marked the positions using the row on the other side for guidance, then drilled holes to receive the rivets. I keep saying this but I must fill those gaps and clean up further. 20190320_194024.jpg

    The rivets are slightly large and stood too proud of the surface. I counter sank the holes which improved things, but over did it on the top one. No way to get it out so I'll live with it.

    In the cab, I have fitted the brake standard and handle and prepped up the water dome castings ready for epoxying. The square shaft lower down is scratched, based on the one in the 3 cylinder variant in the NRM.

    And from t'other side.

    And some further work on the fire box, boiler and smoke box. The three sub sections are now soldered and a start made on adding the boiler cladding bands. It's not so clear in this photo, but the backing plates with the was out plugs have been soldered inside the fire box.

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    So three steps back and five steps forward. Well boiler bands anyway. The etched bands are clearly too thick, so I discarded them and made replacements cut from brass foil. Don't know why I put on three before coming to that conclusion.

    The kit makes no provision for a band or angled flange at the back of the firebox, but this photo taken from the running plate of 2500 shows a flange, so that will have to be made.
    Lots of other interesting details visible also. I must post a selection of the many other photos I took of 2500, as the three and two cylinder variants had a lot in common, and others with this kit may find them useful. 20190323_095824.jpg

    And a view from the other side. The etched flanges for the safety valves, mud hole door covers, steam lance cock and a cleat from Laurie Griffin have also been added. The dome, top feed and chimney are just placed for the photos.

    And a couple of very cruel close ups in very harsh lightning. Still some excess solder to be removed and a representation of the screws at the cladding joint on top to be added. Positions will be guess work based on what I can glean from my photos of 2500.

    The firebox end. The forward edge of the front safety valve looks to be lifting but I think that is an illusion.

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    Lovely job as always Peter.
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    So, here are a selection of photos I took of 2500 at the NRM. I'm not going to caption them but if there are any questions, fire away.

    20190227_155206.jpg 20190227_155348.jpg 20190227_155615.jpg 20190227_155326.jpg 20190227_155254.jpg 20190227_155236.jpg 20190227_155720.jpg 20190227_155709.jpg 20190227_155417.jpg 20190227_155642.jpg 20190227_155401.jpg 20190227_155623.jpg 20190227_155219.jpg 20190227_155529.jpg

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  7. P A D

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    Many thanks John.

    Note in the previous set that the ends of the sandpipes are missing. I think one on the other side is still in place. The ash pan by the way, is completely rotted.
    20190227_155842.jpg 20190227_155819.jpg 20190227_155808.jpg 20190227_155436.jpg 20190227_155942.jpg 20190227_155417.jpg 20190227_155931.jpg 20190227_155901.jpg 20190227_155759.jpg 20190227_155508.jpg 20190227_155742.jpg 20190227_155731.jpg 20190227_160000.jpg

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    You had much better access on 2500 than I did on City of Birmingham, one side below the footplate being off limits and the other side had a pillar in the way. Their present day condition, though, appears to be very similar, though 8have just seen the second set and CofB looks much the better of the two.

    The build looks very good, by the way.

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    Many thanks Paul.

    Yes, I found the same when I went to photograph CoB to assist my Gladiator Dutchess build. It is in a very poor location and in the wrong museum.

    2500 was during my visit to the NRM, in a very good location and being late afternoon on a weekday, the museum was quiet. I took the liberty of climbing up onto the running plate and to the footplate door when nobody was about. I got lucky with Dutchess of Sutherland, when I found her at Crewe when I visited on spec returning from a business trip. The placewas closed to the public but I walked in and asked one of the fitters if I could take some photos and he let me go ahead. If there are any details shots that you need but could not get of CoB, let me know and I will send you any of DoS that may help.

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  10. Focalplane

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    I had similar luck at Birmingham Science Museum. At the ticket counter I explained I was there for one task only which would take 1 to 2 hours. I was given a late entry ticket and saved around £5 on admission. The member of staff then told me that Hornby had scanned CofB for their updated model, though it could not have been a complete scan.

    Thanks for the offer!

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    Been having trouble loading some of the images, in that despite an icon appearing , there is no thumbnail and no thubmnail or full image tab. Using insert every image option just ignores the file and loads the others. As I was intending loading a good selection, I was hoping to load 15 images at a time, but now I have to delete the faulty uploads and insert other images separately so it is becoming rather tedious. The images that won't load with the multiple option, won't load singley either. :rant:

    20190227_160315.jpg 20190227_160159.jpg 20190227_160502.jpg 20190227_160711.jpg 20190227_160720.jpg 20190227_160733.jpg 20190227_160915.jpg 20190227_161139.jpg 20190227_161109.jpg 20190227_161158.jpg 20190227_161003.jpg 20190227_161337.jpg 20190227_161322.jpg 20190227_161309.jpg 20190227_161244.jpg
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  12. Focalplane

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    Well, the buffer beams look to have been recently painted!
  13. P A D

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    Yes, it looks nice from the buffers up, but considering how long it's been at the NRM, the frames and everything between them, don't look to have been painted since it was last overhauled by BR. At least it can't rust any further and the NRM does not have the funds to do all that it could. I believe it was at Bressingham for a while, but I don't know if that was when first preserved or just on loan.
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  14. P A D

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    Some more images of 2500. This time the whole 15 loaded without problems,


    There is small inspection plate in front of the steam pipes on both sides that it not 8n the kit. I assume is would be on the 2 cylinder version???

    This is the crank for the the shaft running back to the linkage up to the brake standard.

    This larger inspection cover behind the lubricator is included in the kit, but the instructions say it should be oriented with the hinges facing towards the rear of the engine.
    20190227_161708.jpg 20190227_162407.jpg

    This is the rotted lower fiebox/ashpan front.
    20190227_162108.jpg 20190227_161700.jpg 20190227_161915.jpg 20190227_162349.jpg 20190227_161652.jpg 20190227_161902.jpg 20190227_162335.jpg

    There's only one 4 station oil pot 2500, as opposed to the this and a 2 station pot underneath it on the 2 cylinder variant. As mentioned earlier, it's wise to add the oilpots while the etch is in the flat, other wise it will be a devil to on the running plate. 20190227_161642.jpg 20190227_161536.jpg 20190227_162303.jpg
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  15. P A D

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    Some shots of the cab from the cab entrance.

    20190227_163917.jpg 20190227_163902.jpg 20190227_164041.jpg 20190227_163847.jpg 20190227_164034.jpg 20190227_163836.jpg 20190227_163959.jpg 20190227_163952.jpg 20190227_163942.jpg 20190227_163931.jpg 20190227_164016.jpg 20190227_163829.jpg 20190227_164010.jpg 20190227_163823.jpg 20190227_164005.jpg
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    What a super set of photos. Thanks for taking the time to post them:thumbs:

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    Ditto to Richards post; thanks! This thread and the photos will be very useful to others, myself included, who have this kit to build. Not that mine will be anything like your high standard of workmanship!!

    Rob (Deano)
  18. P A D

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    Richard, Rob, you are most welcome.

    Although there are many differences between 2500 and the two cylinder 2 6 4 as represented by the David Andrew's kit, there are also many similarities. With no two cylinder variant still extant, it is still a very good reference to use in conjunction with prototype period photos. I overlooked to mention it, but looking at the cab floor, it would appear that the main frames intruded into the cab. The last but one photo clearly show that the rear of the tanks inside the cab are only as wide as the main tanks and do not overlap the backhead as designed in the kit.

    20190227_163647.jpg 20190227_163430.jpg 20190227_163421.jpg 20190227_163415.jpg 20190227_160124.jpg 20190227_163510.jpg 20190227_155417.jpg 20190227_163517.jpg 20190227_163603.jpg 20190227_160112.jpg 20190227_163551.jpg 20190227_160057.jpg 20190227_163527.jpg

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    Further work on the boiler is the addition of some small rivets along the cladding seam to represent the fixing screws.

    On the main superstructure, the sandpipe filler covers and various etched and cast details have been added to the tank tops. Still to go on are the tank fillers to complete this area. 20190327_185226.jpg

    Any white deposits are the residues from the hob cleaner I used to give it a scrub. Not too important now but will need to be more thoroughly removed before painting.

    And with the boiler screwed in.

    I'm still hoping I can have the boiler detachable which will greatly aid painting and lining. If the tank fixing brackets can be soldered to the boiler and just slotted onto the fixings on the tank, it should be do-able.

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  20. Focalplane

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    Interesting that you used hob cleaner. I take it that this is the one for ceramic hobs? I used Cif INOX spray the other day and it cleaned up nickel silver a treat. INOX is French for stainless steel and the spray is used for stainless steel sinks, etc. The container is a silver colour. Worth checking out for the English equivalent, I think.

    That tank engine is looking good!
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